free psn codes hack

Go to the  PlayStation menu on the home. I’m store. There is no need of a payment account details or anything set up to this. So firstly go into your  PlayStation settings and then you want to scroll all the way down to your language setting.

So, you can change this to whatever it doesn’t matter which one you go for it doesn’t matter what you change the language settings to then go into your PlayStation Store.

Scroll down and go to free games. Scroll through you can go to free games you can search whatever game you want So find a game and then I download that. Once that’s downloading.(also check some sites that offers free psn codes no survey )

You want to exit back through the menus. So just exit, all the way out like literally just exit out of the menus. Now what you want to do is you want to search for the game you actually want.

So this can be a paid game. It can be anything you want any game you want this will work. Now add this to your cart Once it’s in your cart, go back to continue shopping.

Scroll all the way back down. You want to go back to your PlayStation Home screen and you want to cancel the download that you just did.

This part is important you got to make sure you get this part . Otherwise, it cannot work, go back into the store again, scroll back down to free games, again and you can select whatever game the second time it doesn’t matter which game it is.

Try to move really fast because you only have a certain amount of time, otherwise that glitch doesn’t work so you’ve got to be doing this fairly quick, pretty much the speed on doing it.

One sets downloading. Exit back out quickly. Go to the menu,straight back to settings again.

Go to your language settings, again, change it back to the language what you  originally had exit out of that.

Go back into the PlayStation Store again. You gotta be quick when you’re doing this. If the play stations a little bit slower, this is these parts can be easier for you if you play slow you want to go back into your cart.

Now this is a little bit tricky you gotta go in between the game and the x, and you’ve got to like spam the arrows and click, and it will glitch. When it glitches, it will go into the actual game and It will say in cart now go back to your checkout.

Now,go to proceed to check out and hit X and circle, x and circle, x and circle, x and circle, you’re going to keep spamming and back and forth.

This can take two minutes you could take a minute, you could take 10 minutes, it literally depends you just go to try and make your PlayStation come down to the game screen.

Once it does the game screen and goes back to the checkout and had this loading screen, and the checkout go back into the game and you can actually  download it for free.

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