How to sell cars in pixel car racer

Everyone loves to play games. When it’s become to the mobile game then it’s become more interesting. Kesly Hayes aka Akimplice and Calob Hayes aka ShibuiGhost, they are the two developers of this game. They give a gift for the young generation kids. After launching this game, it’s become so famous and peoples are started loving. Here is the new mobile game which is available for android devices and as well as iOS devices and also the developers are working for new windows version of this game. This game brings so many new features. Pixel car racer is one of the most famous mobile games. Most of the people love this game.

  1. In this article I am going to tell you how you can sell any car u have. Not how to sell parts this time but how to sell cars if you guys did not know.
  2. So for selling a car you must have more than one car. So how do you sell cars, first you have to open the Pixel Car Racer game, and then you will notice a deal ship button, click on this deal ship option.
  3. After that a new screen will open in front of you. In this screen you must see the Buy and Sell options on the left corner of the display. As I said before, for selling a car you must have two or more than two cars.
  4. So for buying a car click on the Buy option and buy the car you want. And if you have two or more cars in your account then click on the Sell option and select the car which one you want to sell by swiping next or clicking on the next icon. Its shows all the cars you have, you just go through them.
  5. Click the previous icon showing left side of the screen and for swipe next just click on the same next icon which is looks like of the opposite of previous button. You can see all the cars you have by doing this. Sometimes you can get some extra money by selling your old cars. But not every time you will get, sometimes you will get a very good deal.
  6. So here is the next step you have to do is after choosing the car you want to sell click on the red coloured sell button. The red coloured sell button will appear on the right side down on your screen.
  7. After selling a car you can get some crates. So open and see, may you will become so lucky and also can get some new items from them in those crates.

The game is also developing continuously and in under development and the new update will bring all new features for the pixel lovers. If you are beginners for this game then it might difficult to play for you. For starting the car you must heat the tires up by clicking on the acceleration. This game brings also the tournament features for you. After gaining the experience you can play tournament and can win different types of new cars.

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