Ten Weeks of Thanks: Week Two

I’m a little behind today. My life is nuts right now… It’s a miracle I’m not asleep. So, sorry homies. But this is good, because even if my life is a little wild this week, I was on the look out for things to put on my list. It kept things in perspective. So here are my five MATERIAL POSSESSIONS that I’m thankful for:

I’m thankful for my dream catcher. 
So I’ve had this gorgeous dream catcher for I don’t even know how long. And apparently (Correct me if I’m wrong sis.) {Kassi here – She’s not wrong, mine is hung over my headboard as we speak!;)} our mom made each of us one when I was really little. For some reason I don’t remember that, but I DO remember when she explained what it did to me. Something to the effect of if you put it over your bed, it catches the bad dreams so you won’t have nightmares and that it would keep me safe. Which was huge, because I used to have the worst nightmares ALL the time. I like to think maybe it isn’t just superstition or legend, that it really does keep the bad dreams away. So I brought it with me to school, and now it’s more than just a dream catcher. It reminds me of home, it’s a gift from my mom. 

I’m thankful for my printer.
I’m so glad I own that fantastic hunk of plastic. :) For all the times I remember at 11:00 that I need a paper for the next morning’s classes or I need to print an email for a meeting. I can pull out my printer and in just a minute or two I have whatever papers I need in my hands. I’m so glad I don’t have to drive to campus in my pajamas and find a printer or copier. That’s awesome.

I’m thankful for my headphones. 
Sometimes I just need a minute. Just a minute to be by myself and not think about homework or tomorrow’s classes or whatever drama is going on. My headphones give me that. I plug them in, put on some Josh Abbott or Greyson Chance and give myself a second to just chill out. They entertain me between classes, they help put me to sleep some nights, and they help me focus. They’re small, and maybe not worth much, but they do a good job.

I’m thankful for my phone.
I know that’s pretty standard. But really, my phone saves my life. It keeps me connected to everyone, it saves me from awkward situations. It has all of my music and a camera and a map. Stuff that I use EVERY single day. It wakes me up in the morning and tells me what time it is. It’s my favorite thing. 

And finally, I’m thankful for my boots. 
Kassi’s hubs likes to make fun of me for wearing them all the time, but I love my boots. {Kassi here again, yeah, he really does. Weirdo. He wears HIS almost all the time too…. haha.} These are definitely not my first pair. I’ve worn through four pairs in the last few years. They just made sense at home because of the mud and the stuff I was doing everyday and now boots are just a thing for me. They’re the most comfortable shoes ever as far as I’m concerned.  And I never have to stop and tie them. Bonus! :) 

So yeah, there are my five! You can link up to each week for a month, so if you’re interested, it’s not too late. And while you’re at it, grab a button.

Next week the topic is PEOPLE WHO ARE ALIVE TODAY. Who in your life right now are you grateful for? 
Let them know while you can. :) 
OH.. and P.S. THIS is still going on! Just scroll down to enter Days 1 and 2!!!


  1. Lauren Bird says:

    I love my headphones too! It helps me escape : )


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