A Few Reasons Why I Love The World Around Me: 10 Wks of Thanks Week #5

First of all, I’m grateful for all of YOU!!! Your birthday wishes have made this such an awesome celebration! 

I can’t say thank you enough for being so awesome!!

That being said, this week is going to be one of my favorites easily! (: The topic is Things in Nature. I love nature. I love being outside. I LOVE the world around me. SO, let’s get this party started!! 

First on my list, I love a good patch of thick green grass

I’m a mountain girl, so pretty green grass is an absolute favorite thing of mine! I’m just so thankful for it. For everything it is. I love the way it smells when it’s just been cut. I love cutting it. I love sitting in it. I love laying in it. I love the way it looks and feels. I love how it pops up in the spring after all the snow and cold is gone. And I love kicking off my shoes and walking in it. I’m grateful it keeps me from getting stickers when I go barefoot, I’m grateful for it because its so pretty!



Next up, cotton fields. So random considering I didn’t really know I loved them until this year, because I’d never really seen enough of them until this year. Up in the hometown it’s too cold to grow cotton, but Kassi and I both live far enough south now that they’re EVERYWHERE. And I love them. They’re just so stinking pretty. And they’re so productive, think of all the things we make with cotton. I’m wearing cotton right now, and I bet you are too. I can’t tell you how much I adore those millions of little white clouds right at ground level. There’s just something about a field of cotton. 



Next are trees. Oh trees. My favorite trees EVER are aspens. Every fall they turn the most beautiful colors and in the summer they’re green and the leaves shake and they’re SO pretty. BUT I also love Weeping Willows. I always have, even though I’ve never really been around them. And I love pine trees and the way they smell. I love juniper trees and cottonwoods and oaks. All of them. I’m thankful that you can build things with them. I’m grateful we can make paper and furniture and houses and all of those wonderful things with them. I love that they’re planted on my college campus, and because I live in the desert, a lot of trees on campus already have blossoms. I’m grateful for that extra bit of pretty in my day.

I’m thankful for mountains. Clearly. Since I’ve brought them up in like every addition to this list. (: But I really am. Mountains are something to look at. And they always have the deepest colors and so much life. In the summer they have wildflowers and fishing holes and in the winter they have snow and frosted trees. They’re so big and there’s so much to them. They hold memories and secrets and the scary unknown and adventures. They’re my home. I just have a thing for mountains. Mountains and clouds. :) 
And finally, flowers. I’m pretty sure flowers have ALWAYS been my favorite thing. Oooo I love them!! I used to pick them all the time and drive my Granny crazy. And then she embraced it and would buy them potted for me and let me pick what I wanted. I love growing them. I love cutting them and putting them in a vase on the table. They smell so sweet and are gorgeous and happy. I’m thankful they add so much beauty to the world. I love how delicate they are. I think about how hard and cold and mean the world can be and is really built to be, and how fragile flowers are in comparison- but they live on anyways. Spreading beauty and happiness and carrying on. Flowers are the best. 

And that’s my list!!!

Thanks for reading!

Next week’s topic  is What About Today (3/14/12) Are You Thankful For?

Take a little time to appreciate the small blessings you receive through the day. 

(Hopefully everyday.)


Happy Wednesday!





  1. SO I just linked mine up too… Turns out we got two out of three. Of course I’m thankful for flowers too, but I didn’t want to completely copy you…. hahaha! :)

  2. I really adore the way you express your words! Plus, the site is so cute and pretty, too. I absolutely love your style. Stay Sweet! :)


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