Bloggie Bestie – Danielle of Healing the Heaviness

Hey there friends! Today we’d like to introduce you to…
Danielle of Healing the Heaviness! :)
Take it away girl!!!
Hi there, Truly Lovely Readers!
I am very blessed to have the opportunity to be on Kassi and Kayli’s blog today!
My name is Danielle and I blog over at Healing the Heaviness.
My blog is mainly about my weight loss journey and my family’s journey to a more simple life. :)
Today I just wanted to share with you 10 Random Facts About Me! I hope you enjoy reading!

1.     I am a Christian. Jesus saved my soul at the age of 16!

2.     My nick name is “Dee Dee” and almost everyone I know calls me that….except for my hubby.

3.     At the start of my weight loss journey, I weighed in at 213 lbs.! But now, I’m down to 195.6! :)

4.     I am married to the Love of my Life and Best Friend.

5.     My mother, the sweetest most special woman I’ve ever known, died to colon cancer almost 3 years ago.

6.     I am the youngest of 7 children!

7.     The Lord has blessed me with 2 beautiful babies, a boy and a girl.

8.     We make many homemade solutions like cleaners, detergent, and baby wipes at home instead of buying them.

9.     We have two cute, but annoying dogs named Bear and Kody. One is a pug, the other is a Pomeranian. Both were adopted.

10.    I am a lover of all things cute and stylish!

So I hope after reading this you know me just a little bit better! If you’d like to see some healthy recipes or MYO products then stop over and check out my blog! You can also become a fan on ! Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!
Doesn’t she sound like a sweetheart!?!
Hope you’ll pop over to her place and say hello, but a little comment love for her here first would be awesome!
Enjoy the rest of your Thursday friends!!!


  1. Aww great post! My mom’s nickname is DeeDee too! And love her pups pic, sooo cute!

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