Project: Do Me Kassi Style #3

Um… Since I missed last week… Completely. Oops…
I’m going to do an update on my Project: Do Me List!!
I had been doing it on Wednesdays…
But I’m scheduling this for Saturday (today) to shake things up…
And then I’ll do a new/slightly updated list this coming week!

The updates are in parenthesis…

1. Read! A book chapter or at least one magazine article
(I finished ‘One For the Money’ last week! It was really good! It got a little rough at times… but everything turned out alright, so I thought it was good!And I’ve started ‘168 Hours: You have More Time Than You Think’ on my e-reader and if I don’t read that I read Cosmo or a wedding mag article everynight!!)

2. At least 10 minutes of exercise
(I did this one a little bit better last week… I got a few times in…
Must do better though!)
3. Log my calories and exercise on My Fitness Pal
(Since I downloaded the app onto my Droid X, I hit almost everyday! It really encourages me to think about the value of the food I’m putting into my mouth!)
4. Be in bed by 10pm
(Done! Everyday. Think I need a new goal for this one…)
This Week
1. Prepare and file taxes
(Done! Prepared and filed!!! Yay!!! Can’t wait for the tax return!
If you haven’t already, you can use e-file to electronically file your taxes… They’re fast and they will direct deposit your return. The fees are some of the lowest in the business!!!)
2. Finish and send one handmade gift
(Not done. I’ve been working on bridesmaid gifts the past little while… But that’s a must get done and the handmade gifts are for fun. So STILL have handmade gifts left to do. 
3. Have lunch with a friend once a week
(I had TWO friend lunches this week! Lunch on Tuesday with my friend, Meghan, and lunch on Wednesday with my friend, Mindy!

This Month
1. Use my gift certificate to redesign Truly Lovely
(Do you like it?? I LOVE IT!!! I think she did a fabulous job of taking my ideas and making something lovely!!! Thanks so much Torri!! If you need a new blog design, she is the go-to-lady!!!)
2. Organize a get together with my bridesmaids
(We’re scheduled for March 19th right now… Hoping it works out lovely!)
3. Decide and order wedding flowers
(Not done… and February is over… This is a NEED to get done ASAP!)

This Year
1. Mark off 5 of my
(Buying a home with my sweetie is in the works!!!)
Do you have a project do me list???
Share the link and I’ll be sure to check it out and share lots of encouragement! 😉


  1. just came across your blog! it's fabulous! you have some great insight on your posts!

  2. Christine:) says:

    Hi Kassi! I definitely have a project do me list..only right now it's on a scrap of paper on my night stand. Gotta get this list up and blogged about;) What a fantastic idea- you are on top of things!

    I found you through Crafterminds…I wanted to contact you about a guest post swap. I'm doing a monthly blog hop series and am looking for guest posts related to the following themes. As I have a scrapbooking blog, all posts must be scrapbooking or paper craft-related.

    March- baby albums
    April- a year in review
    May- album about YOU- heritage, life stories, etc.
    June- weddings
    July- Christmas in July (this can be any craft, not limited to scrapbooking:)

    A month-long blog hop incorporating the monthly theme will also be available to link up your projects.

    Please contact me if you are interested in doing a guest post and/or swap. Thanks!


  1. says:

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