Birthday Cards {Silhouette}

March is a HUGE birthday month in our family!
Miss Kayli’s birthday is this month, as well as our dad’s, Granny’s and grandpa’s!
And as you’ll maybe, my niece Corryn.
So every year, I spend around $15 or so on birthday cards, just in this month alone. Now, you could say, “That’s easy… Don’t buy them a card…”
But that’s not cool!
Over the years, giving cards has kind of become one of my things.
Our sweet Granny always gave handwritten cards.
Either in person or sent them in the mail.
After I moved to college she sent me a card for every holiday.
It really became something I looked forward to when those times rolled around. I saved almost every single one. I have a box of them that I refer to now and again when I’m really missing her and it makes me so glad I saved them.
SO… I can’t just NOT give a card!!
But if you’ll remember my darling fiance gifted me with a Silhouette for Christmas…
So this year, I MADE cards!

I just used the FREE card shape that came with my Silhouette software for my dad’s and papa’s (grandpa’s) cards. And the FREE cake card shape for Kayli’s.
Then I chose a Bear Shape for my dad, ’cause bear hunting is his thing…
And a cow shape for my cowboy papa.
For Kayli’s I typed in her name and 18 since it was for her 18th birthday!
It was already in the shape of a cake. 
Let the Silhouette do it’s thing.
Save the little pieces that are cut out from inside the letters, like A’s and 8’s…
Then you can glue them on as well.
I used patterned paper for the outside and plain  paper for the inside to make the inside lining. 
Then I just glued the two together and wallah!
Instant personalized birthday card!
I like them!!!
Perfect for the card receiver, since they were made especially for them!
TIP* – One thing I will recommend though…
If you’re gluing the plain paper to the patterned paper, use the spray adhesive…
I used normal Mod Podge and I think the spray would’ve worked better! Definitely going that route next time!!

Happy Birthday Month to Kayli, Dad, Papa, Corryn
And Granny! I bet she had a rocking birthday party in heaven! :)


  1. These cards are SUPER cute! Thanks for sharing this DIY with us; I will definetely be using this for some folks.

  2. Hani@Craftionary says:

    hey Kassi those cards are so cute..
    would you like to come over my blog and check out my message board tutorial.. also vote for my coming giveaway on the sidebar..
    Thanks :)

  3. What great cards! I love sending cards and I love getting cards :) My husband HATES to be at the store with me when I need to get a card because I could literally stand there for 30 minutes trying to find the right one! I've got to get one of those machines. Ooooo… maybe if I tell the hubs he'll never again have to wait on me to pick out a card if I were to get a Silhouette, I could get him to buy me one. Hmm… this just might work!


  4. Lauren @ YoungNester says:

    Definitely cute! I want a Silhouette so bad! :) I would love for you to stop by and link up to my Ten Buck Tuesday link party!

  5. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    Yay for Silhouette projects!!! :) Great job!

  6. Love them!! I so need one of those machines. I love how the cards are personalized!

  7. Naturally Me Creations says:

    What cute little fun cards! :) I wish i had one of those fancy cutting machines, hehe…i'm so confused, don't know which one to get! :O

    Tnx so much for linking up again this weekend! 😀 Always nice to see you lovely creations there. :)

  8. Naturally Me Creations says:

    Oh, forgot to say, i love making my own cards as well! Since i started making them, i really don't like buying cards anymore, it feels so impersonal mostly…and boring 'cause i didn't get to make some, hehe. :)

  9. Too cute!
    Visiting from Tatertots and Jello!

  10. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    Ooo–I've seen that cake shape in my library! Thanks for sharing a new way to use it. :) I love homemade cards. :)

    Thank you so much for joining my Crafty Cutter party. :)

  11. To Sew With Love says:

    such cute cards, Kassi! Now, I wish I have a Silhouette… I might just have to give hubby a hint on what I'd want for my birthday! Lol ^^)

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