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Fancy This Features #26

Hello Lovelies!!! 
Happy SHORT work week!!! :) 
So excited to have yesterday off from work to get stuff done at the new house! And we got a TON done! Can’t wait to share more with you all!!!
Until then, since yesterday was a holiday, here are the Fancy This Features on a Tuesday! :) And if you haven’t yet, don’t forget to get entered in the LOVELY from Miss Jerri of Simply Sweet Creations!!!
 It’ll be open until this Friday!!
My favorites from last week’s Fancy This Fridays link up are…
Katie from Craptastic (yeah, that’s her blog name… haha!!!) shared some FUN gift baskets! The rosettes are magnets! How cool is that!!! 
LOVE the bouquet idea!!! 

Miss Rachael of Lovely Crafty Home fancied up her GREEN nightstand!!! 
Bye bye green!!! 
(I may or may not have gotten rid of our UGLY green door this weekend too… Stay tuned! :)

And finally, I ADORE this Toddler Room makeover from Amanda at The Ivy Cottage! How CUTE is that doggie material that she based the room on! :)

Thanks to ALL who shared your fancies with us this week!!!
For those that were featured, here’s a featured button to share on your blogs! It links right back to this post so your readers will know where to find you! :)


And again, don’t forget to enter the !!!

While you’re here, be sure to check out this week’s bloggie bestie!!!
Miss Carlee of Ladybird Ln. shared a easy pillowcase tutorial and a GREAT cause with us this week!!!! So please share some bloggie love with her!

Have a lovely rest of the week all!!!

Fancy This Fridays #26 and a SURPRISE Giveaway

I am SO excited to announce that we have a FUN giveaway this week as an addition to the Fancy This Fridays link up party!!!

Our LOVELY sponsor, Jerri of Simply Sweet Home and her etsy shop,  
is giving away a LOVELY SET of earrings to one
LUCKY Truly Lovely reader!!!

The Love Magenta Earring Set!!

The Love Magenta Earring Set includes 3 pairs of earrings (2 fishhook and 1 pair of hoops).  
They feature a mix of acrylic beads in bold magenta/pink/fuscia and coordinating colors.  
The fishhook earrings dangle about an inch from the ear. 
One pair features 3 beads that are pink and purple in color. 
The other pair features pink beads with tiny white pearls.  
The hoops measure an inch in diameter, and these feature pink and clear beads.

SO EXCITED for the winner!!!
Some of Jerri’s other items that I’m loving right now are:


This giveaway is only open to followers of Truly Lovely, so please click that little follow button on the sidebar so that I can include your entries!

Thanks!!! :)
To enter to win this lovely set of earrings…
Mandatory Entry – Visit Jerri’s Etsy shop, and leave a comment here with your favorite item!
Additional Entries: 
1 Entry – Follow Jerri’s blog at Simply Sweet Home 
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1 Entry – Vote for us here, one time a day and leave a comment for each vote!

1 Entry – Link up a project, idea, something Fancy to the Fancy This Fridays linky party below!!
Then comment here saying what you shared with us!
That’s SEVEN ways to win lovelies!!!
A winner will be drawn NEXT Friday and announced during the Fancy This Features post next Monday, June 6th!

Now it’s PARTY TIME!!!

Fancy This Friday Rules:
1) Must be YOUR OWN project (we’ve had a few sharing other people’s stuff… That’s awesome, but we wanna see what YOU did!)
2) Must be linked to that project’s specific post within your blog,
not the blog itself
3) Grab our party button so others can party too!
4) Share some linky love with the other participants, by visiting and commenting on their projects as well! We ALL love comments!!
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 Good luck to everyone in the giveaway and thanks for linking up YOUR lovelies here at Truly Lovely!!
If you just can’t possibly wait to see if you’ve won these lovely earrings from Jerri’s shop and you just have to have something lovely RIGHT now… 
Miss Jerri has so graciously offered our readers our very own

Just enter the discount code TRULYLOVELY at checkout to receive the discounted rate!!! :)

A HUGE thanks to Jerri for offering this lovely giveaway and discount code to Truly Lovely readers!!!
Have a great weekend dolls!!!

Bloggie Bestie Blog Swap with Carlee from Ladybird Ln.

Good morning lovelies!!
We have a LONG time linker and Bloggie Buddy to share with you this week as the Bloggie Bestie!!! The lovely Miss Carlee of Ladybird Ln.
She has a special project that she hasn’t announced anywhere else yet to share with us this week as well as a lovely pillow case tutorial!!!
Please share some bloggie love here with her, then come visit over at her place where I’m guest posting MY pillow case tutorial today!!!
Here’s Carlee…
I am so excited to be here at Truly Lovely! Kassi really is Truly Lovely, I call her my ‘go to blog gal’! I have emailed her a few times with blogging questions, and she is always so sweet to put up with me, and help me out! I am also so happy for her and wish her the best of luck in her upcoming wedding!

My name is Carlee, my sister and I started a blog called Ladybird Ln. We are just country girls, who like to share our projects, recipes, and craziness! I am super excited because today, I am sharing a HUGE announcement, and you are hearing it first at Truly Lovely!

Every month on our blog, we feature a charity, service organization, etc… and a project we crafters/bloggers can unite in to help with that cause!
Well in June I am featuring a project very near and dear to my heart. I have a great friend, Malynn, who is 14 years old, and has undergone some tough TOUGH medical stuff recently. She has been in and out of the hospital for the past 6 months. One might expect after all the medical problems she has endured she would be bitter and resolved. But not Malynn, she is amazing in so many ways. Instead of focusing on her issues she wants to help others. Malynn is an incredible seamstress, at the age of 14 she far surpasses my sewing ability! She has made it a goal to donate 100 bright cheerful pillow cases to Primary Childrens Medical Center, to brighten up the patients rooms!
Would you like to help? I hope so! In June I will be hosting a contest on my blog. It is called Pillow Fight–For a Cause! Essentially this is a pillow contest where you can enter your homemade ruffly throw pillows, your sweet decorative pillows, your bedazzled pillow cases… pretty much anything pillow related, that you made. THE CLINCHER IS, in order to enter this contest you have to donate a pillow case. A bright, cheery, fun pillow case! You can either send it to me, and I will let Malynn donate it, or you can donate it to a local hospital, womens shelter, etc. You just have to let me know that you donated one!

We have some FABULOUS prizes for this contest. We will have guest judges narrow down the pillow field to ten, and then open it up to voting. The top three pillows will receive some amazing prizes. Sponsors for this event include… Kati Cupcake, Cap Creations, Sew Obsessed, Vinylize It, , Naptime Crafters… And Malynn and I are even going to throw in some prizes. We will also have one random prize for anyone who links up–sound terrific, I think so!
So are you in? What is that you say, you don’t know how to make a pillow case? Well, let me show you! Creating a pillow case is simple, fast, and fun. It is a great beginner project, for any age. It took me less than an hour to complete this pillow case, and that was taking pictures as well!

Basic Pillow Case
Cutting List:
Main Body Fabric: 3/4 yard fabric {or 27 inches by Width of Fabric (WOF)}
Band Fabric: 1/4 yard fabric {or 9 inches by WOF}
Trim Fabric: (Optional): 1 strip, 2 inches by WOF
All seams are 1/4 inch, unless otherwise noted.
With wrong sides together, fold the band fabric in half lengthwise and press. Do the same with your trim fabric.
Baste together the folded trim piece to the folded band fabric. 1/8 inches from the raw edges along the length of the strips.
Basting, simply means create a long running stitch, so that the two pieces stay together. Don’t worry if they do not line up perfectly at the ends, we will fix it later on!
Pin the band/trim to the right side of the pillowcase panel along the long edge, raw edges together, with trim sandwiched in the middle.
Sew together. Zig zag, serge, or overlock raw edges together (To help prevent fraying).
Trim up the uneven layers of your pillow. I used a rotary cuttery, ruler, and mat. But you could just use scissors!
Your pillow case should look like this now!
Fold the pillowcase right sides together. Pin together, making sure to match the band seam line. Sew a strait seam along raw edges. Zig zag, serge, or overlock raw edges.
Turn right side out; Press! You are finished Easy Peasy right! Below is some pillow case inspiration, all of these pillow cases are ones that I made, or that were given to me. Pillowcases make great gifts!
I tried to make this tutorial as strait forward as possible, but you can email me with any questions! Thank you so much Kassi for having me today!

Please come join the Pillow Fight, on our blog! You can link up your pillow creations June 15-22! Much more information will be coming on my blog! 

I am trying to spread the word about this contest, I would love to donate 100 pillow cases!  Please put a button on your blog, or contact me, I would love to come to your place and guest post about it!

THANKS so much to Miss Carlee for being the Bloggie Bestie this week and for sharing this AWESOME idea on Truly Lovely!!!
I don’t know about you all, but I am so in!!! I will be sharing a pillow link and donating a pillow case or two to the cause!!!
Be sure to check back on Carlee’s blog for the link up!
Again, it’s June 15-22!!!
Have a lovely day!!!

Thermostat Temperature?

Before I get to today’s post… I have an edit to make!!!
I just realized my Guest Post went live this morning over at the
Brassy Apple blog!!!

I am sharing a fun kid’s craft in her Save Our Summer Series today!!!
Please pop over and say hello lovelies!!!
I would REALLY appreciate it!!!

Back to your normally scheduled programming… 😉

Neither me nor Mr. M has ever really had a in home cooling system before. 

We’ve always had swamp coolers or window AC’s to keep us cool in the summer… But now we have our very own thermostat to taunt us…
 What do I mean?
We have NO idea what the “right” temperature should be?
Of course you want to set it where it’ll keep your home cool and comfy… but at the same time you don’t want to faint over your electric bill every month!!!
So… Time for some Internet research…
Apparently, for every degree over 72 degrees F that you increase your thermostat temperature (during the hot summer months), you decrease your home energy costs by 3%… Hmm… The higher the better then?
BUT most people are uncomfortable at anything over 80 degrees…
So according to the temperature should be set for somewhere around 78 to 80 degrees F.  
*** says 78 degrees is where it should be set during warmer months… But most websites say to try them out for yourself until you determine your comfort and cost level best.
Which I guess we could do. 

I have a blog! With fabulous readers!!! 
So… Instead, I’d like your opinions!?!? 
What do you set your thermostat to during the hot summers???

We can use all the help we can get as new home owners friends!!
PLEASE help us! 😉

Clean Carpets and a Request

Tights Please Giveaway 2 WINNERS!!!

So… Are you this person? 

Or this person??

If you are either of these lovelies… GUESS WHAT?!?!
You both have a pair of Red or Dead Tights Please tights
with YOUR NAMES on them!! says that this number…

 and this number… should win!

And those were YOUR comments… :)

So… I guess that means you’re the winners!!! 😉
Please email me at:
with your shipping address and I’ll get your winnings sent out to you ASAP!!!

Don’t be sad if you didn’t win… Cause guess what…
I have TWO MORE pair of Tights Please Red or Dead tights to give away through TWITTER!!!

That’s right friends… ANOTHER two pairs of tights!!!

I’ll announce how you can enter to win those tights soon!!!

In the meantime…
 I am giving away $15 credit to my Scentsy site right now on the lovely AliLilly blog to help her celebrate 600 followers!!!
Visit her here to enter to win some Scentsy from me!!!

OH… And be sure to check out the from the Fancy This Fridays link up. There was some AWESOMENESS shared these last two weeks!!!

AND please be sure to say hello to this week’s Bloggie Bestie, the lovely Teresa from Creative Cowgirl!!! She shared a sweet !!!

Oh, and PLEASE vote for us here! :)

And on that note… Have a lovely week sweets!!!

P.S. A HUGE THANK YOU to the TIGHTS PLEASE company for allowing me to give away two pair of their tights on my blog!! :) Be sure to visit them if your in the market for tights, stockings, shape wear, etc!! They have a great selection and are great to work with!!!

(*All opinions shared are 100% mine and I was not monetarily compensated by Tights Please for any of they’re related posts or mentions.)

Fancy This Features 24 & 25

Hello dolls!!! Happy Monday! :)
Since we missed the last features post because of the blogger blackout of May 2011… haha. Here is a double dose of loveliness for you!
So from Fancy This Fridays #24… 
I want one of these Kitchen Aid mixers SO bad! It’s on my wedding registry… And if I get one… I really wanna decorate it with my Silhouette! Just like Snowflakes and Dragonflies!

I gladly inherited quite a bit of my in-laws furniture in our move… 
And there’s some lovely pieces I am DYING to makeover!! 
Much like this thrifted table re-do from Lauren at berg’s in the ‘burgh
I think hers turned out fabulous!

I am loving this clutch bag makeover from Steph at Southern Fairy Designs!! 
She took a plain old boring black clutch and SO FANCIED that sucker up!!! :)


And from Fancy This Fridays #25…

How cute is this perfect little hostess gift from Angela’s Sewing for Sanity
A ruffled tea towel and a bottle of your favorite soap!! 
I’m on the look out for fun hostess gifts for my bridal shower this weekend… This could be a contender! 

Check out this fun cardie refashion from Annie at Originate and Renovate
I never would’ve thought to put gold with the gray cardie… but it looks AWESOME!!!

And one more CONGRATS to Miss Kayli who graduated from high school on Friday!!! 
Definitely should’ve made her some of these SUPER CUTE graduation cap pops!!! Hollie from the Seven Year Cottage created these yummies!

Well that catches us back up on our features from the Fancy This Fridays linky party!!! And here’s a featured on Truly Lovely button for you lovelies that we mentioned!! Hope you’ll share it on your blogs! 
It links right back to this post so your readers know where to find you!

 ”Featured   Thanks for linking girlies!!! We enjoy sorting through your fabulous link ups every week!!!   We will be drawing and then announcing the Tights Please winners this afternoon, so be sure to come back by to see if you won!!! :) Until then, you STILL have TIME to enter!!!  Have a FABULOUS week!!!

Fancy This Fridays #25

YAY for FRIDAY!!! 
Lots of excitement going on in the Truly Lovely sisters lives right now!!!
TODAY Miss Kayli graduates from HIGH SCHOOL!!!
SO many congrats to her and so proud of her!!
She has decided on the college she will be attending for Elementary Education in the fall… 
And it’s MY Alma mater!!! WHOOT WHOOT!!!
And in my little world… Things are moving along at our new house!!!
Check out what I came home to after being away this last weekend??
Oh yes!!! My AWESOME fiance and soon to be father-in-law almost had the backyard at our new place fenced in! We’ve got some privacy now in our crowded little neighborhood, and a place for our doggies to be outside!
So nice!!!
Now for the Party!!!
Fancy This Friday Rules:
1) Must be YOUR OWN project (we’ve had a few sharing other people’s stuff… That’s awesome, but we wanna see what YOU did!)
2) Must be linked to that project’s specific post within your blog,
not the blog itself
3) Grab our party button so others can party too!
4) Share some linky love with the other participants, by visiting and commenting on their projects as well! We ALL love comments!!
(And it would be SUPER COOL of you to say your stopping by from the Truly Lovely or Fancy This Fridays link up!)


Don’t forget to enter the !!! Since I’m leaving at lunch time today to head home for Miss Kayli’s graduation this evening we will be drawing the two winners on Monday!

AND sharing a double dose of features since we missed them this week!!

Have a LOVELY weekend and thanks for linking!!! 

Bloggie Bestie Blog Swap with Teresa at Creative Cowgirl

 Happy Thursday lovelies!!! 
Have we got a special country treat for you today!!!
We would like to introduce you to the lovely lady behind the 
Creative Cowgirl, Miss Teresa!!
She has a FABULOUS country chic shopping bag to share with you all today!!
Please show Teresa some Truly Lovely Bloggie Bestie love friends!!!
And when you’re done here, I’m over at the sharing a country post of my own… :)
Hope to see you there! 
Here’s Teresa…

Howdy there Truly Lovely Readers! My name is Teresa and I am the author of . I am super excited to be a Bloggie Bestie here at Truly Lovely. I love all sorts of crafts from scrapbooking, to paper crafting to sewing.
You can read more about me and my blog by clicking on my blog button.
I live on a 40 acre ranch in the the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. We have all sorts of animals from horses, to goats, to chickens and ducks. All these animals leave us with lots of these bags laying around. I hate throwing them away so I decided I could “up-cycle” them into something I could use… Shopping Bags!
Start with a standard feed bag. The best ones to use are made of woven plastic.
Next you need to cut the top and the bottom off of the bag. Leave about 3” of space on the bottom from your image you want on the front of the bag for it to fold underneath. Also, leave about 1-2” above the front image for the top seam.
Now turn the bag inside out and sew the bottom of the bag. It is best to use a smaller stitch and sew it twice for durability.
Now push out the sides of the bag opposite of the sewn edges. Fold it on top of itself so it forms a triangle.
Now measure 3 inches from the point and sew in a straight line from edge to edge. Repeat on the other corner. Now turn the bag right side out again and push the edges out. It will create a bottom that is similar to paper bags.
Now it has a square bottom to it.
Now for the handles…take the strip that you cut off the top of the bag and cut it so it is a long strip. Now fold it over, in half, and cut it so you have two pieces of the same length.
Now measure in 4” from the straight edge. You will now have two handles four inches wide.
Then fold the edges in about 1/2” and pin. Do this for both sides of the handle. Then fold it over on itself and pin it with the same pins. You should have a handle about 1 1/2” wide. Repeat with the second handle.
Sew down both sides of the handle and repeat with the second handle.
Go back to your bag and fold the top edge down about an inch. Pin it to hold it and then sew around the inside of the bag. This will create a nice edge.
Now pin the handles to the inside of the bag. Be sure that they are equal distance from the center. Then sew them in place by sewing a square and then a “x” to make it sturdy.
Now you have an adorable bag for grocery shopping, taking to the park or even to pick up for supplies from the feed store!
Thank you so much for having me here today! I would love if you scooted on over to to say, “Howdy!” and if you like what you see I would love if you followed along!
– Teresa @ The Creative Cowgirl
A very HUGE thank you to Teresa for blog swapping with us today and sharing her super fun Feed Bag Shopping Bag tutorial!! We love it!!!
Have a lovely day friends!!! 

Fabric Rosettes, My First Attempt!