Sunday Chicken with Potatoes Crock Pot Recipe

Hello dolls!!! Time again for another Tasty Tuesday! 😉

Today I’d like to share my recipe for Sunday Chicken with Potatoes!
{First seen here on The CSI Project}
The recipe is my adaptation from an old cookbook I received as a gift several years ago. 
It is SUPER easy and SUPER tasty… the best kind, right!?!
Oh! And it ONLY has a few ingredients!!!

Ingredients Needed:
4-6 boneless chicken breasts
3-4 potatoes
1 packet of Onion Soup Mix
2 cans condensed Cream of Chicken soup

First, place chicken in greased crock pot.
Peel and cut your potatoes in half, then place them in the crock post as well. 

Mix together your canned soup and soup mix then pour over top of chicken and potatoes. 

Make sure everything is well coated. 

Cook on HIGH for 4-5 hours or on LOW for 7-8 hours. 

Serve! Yum, yummy! 
A nice side dish might be some buttered bread or hot rolls.
OR even a salad! 😉 

Have a Happy Tasty Tuesday! 😉


  1. going to try this! love the crock pot for easy meals:) your plate in the back of your crock pot is sooooo cute!

  2. I just "liked" your page on facebook, and I like what I see already!

    Melodee just took the words right off my keyboard! Ditto!!


  3. An Irish Italian Blessing says:

    YUMMO!! Pinterest for sure

  4. Monique Oh Darling Bride says:

    Thanks for popping into my blog and posting a lovely comment on my wedding :)

    Ooh this recipe seems easy and quick – awesome! I need a few quick and easy recipes because I'm not the most enthusiastic cook. Thanks Kassi :)

  5. Ami w/AliLilly says:

    OH MAN!! This looks sooooooo good. I LOVE my crock pot. It's seriously the greatest thing for a busy mom or a busy working gal such as yourself!! :)

  6. patti west says:

    hi Kassi…saw you at Sassy sites. I'm definitely going to be trying your chicken and potatoes recipe!!! thanks so much! :)

  7. Hani@Craftionary says:

    Yummy! This looks so delicious.. and so easy too.. Just mix it and crock pot will do the rest.. Something I would definitely give a try to!
    Thanks for linking Kassi

  8. Wow, did this look yummy or what!!! I'm having a linky party, and would love it if you joined! Here is the link! Thanks for sharing!

  9. The Southern Product Queen says:

    Thanks for linking it up to my party today! I can't wait to share it on my fb page and twitter! Hopefully it will get you tons of views!!!

  10. This recipe looks so easy…and that’s what we all want in a crockpot recipe!

    That’s exactly what I’m looking for in my Link Party that just opened a few minutes ago. This week on Future Expat’s Required Ingredient Link Party, we are featuring potato recipes. I hope you’ll come link up this one and any others you think others will like!

  11. Jennifer says:

    I love my crockpot! Going to try this right now but with 1 can of cream of mushroom 1 can cream of chicken :) hope it turns out :)

  12. It looks great! I’m making it no, actually, my crockpot does the work.
    I added an onion too but I used the whole box of onion soup mix. Now I’m wondering, did I need that or only one sachet of it? (used 2 sachets now)

    Hope it will turn out good. Will make some grilled veggies as a side.

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      Thanks Lydia!!! I just used on packet, but I’m sure two will just make it even more flavorful!!! Hope you enjoy!!!

  13. Yum! I’m making this for dinner tonight! Did you put the chicken in frozen?

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      I have put it in frozen before.. You just need to cook it longer if it’s not thawed. Thanks for the visit Jessica!

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