Fancy This Features 68 and a NEW Pinterest Board

Hello lovelies!! So I’ve had a thought…
How about from now on, we pin every feature to our , !?!
I’ve made  so when she does the featured post hers will go there as well.
We actually have a LOT of followers there… I guess we got in right as it was getting popular…
So most things we pin get liked and repinned like crazy. That means, your featured project will hopefully get liked and repinned like crazy from now on! :)

So here we go… Featured from Fancy This Features 68!!!

I adore this pretty pleated bag  from Esther at Happy in Red!! :)
We’ve been doing some sewing lately and this fun bag is on our to do list!

Covering your ugly old mouse pad and wrist rest with fabric!?! GENIUS thanks to Carmie of The Single Nester!

Just being honest here… I can’t even drink coffee without disguising it completely in coffee creamer… :) But I LOVE my creamer with a little coffee… :) This Irish Cream Coffee recipe from Rosie at A Rosie Sweet Home sounds scrumptious!!!

All of these fun features have been pinned to our ! :)
Hope you’ll pop over and follow us there if you haven’t already!

Here’s a featured button for you dolls mentioned above! :) It links right to this post so your friends will know where to find you!

Oh, by the way, have you yet?

Have a happy week friends!!!


  1. Get out! I am featured?! Thanks so much! I have been stunted creatively as of late so this is sweet!

  2. Thank you for featuring me, woooohoooo!!

  3. Oh My Gosh! thanks for featuring my Irish Cream. You made my day. I love your blog so it makes me happy when someone I admire likes my stuff.

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