Places I Love: Ten Weeks of Thanks Wk #7

I would say I’m sorry I missed last week, but if I’m being honest, when I left for spring break I happily left my computer behind.

Not that it was super easy. I missed the full version of Pinterest and YouTube is slower on my phone. Real world problems, you know. (: BUT I learned a couple songs on piano, and I made a cake, and I slept, it was awesome. And I feel like this would be the perfect place to start the talk about places that I’m grateful for. Just three. Not that I’m only thankful for these three places, I have more than I could count. And I could talk for days about each. But these are the ones I feel like are the most important. So, three valleys. No names, no pictures. Just what I want to share. Cause that’s how this works. (:

Valley #1: The valley closest to my heart. It’s home.

Where I spent most of my break. I spent my whole life, up until college, living in one house, in that one valley. It’s quiet and beautiful. It’s deathly cold in the winter and warm and rainy in the summer. It smells like fresh cut grass and wild sunflowers. I love everything about it, which is why I don’t have tons to write about it. Because it’s too special. It’s a pretty legit place to be.

Valley #2: The valley I wanted to run off to every weekend once I could drive. (:

It was “town” and even though it’s probably the rest of the world’s idea of a small town, it was huge compared to home. We’d go and eat Chinese and go to the park. And then a lot of our youth group activities for church were there, and I made all of these amazing friends and did all of this crazy fun stuff like Dance Festivals and going to the golf course and the occasional carnival, hanging out in the parking lot and cruising around. I have nothing but happy memories there. And every time I go back to that place it just makes me smile and makes me think about strawberry blizzards and starry nights and Izze and pickups. It’s as magical as it sounds. (:

And then Valley #3: I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved it.

And now Kassi lives there. And I get to go all of the time. (: I think I really fell in love with the place when we went to the temple there. The town sits in the desert but it’s somehow still green. It’s bigger but it feels small and it’s comfortable. Probably because Kassi’s there, more than anything. I spent the end of my break there. (: I went and spent the weekend and we took the kiddos (not HER kiddos, by the way, but a niece and nephew) to the carnival. Which pretty much made my whole life because I LOVE carnivals. I love that valley. I love that it’s like a bajillion degrees but the mountains have snow on them, and that summer is the longest season there. I love who it keeps, and I love that it’s welcomed me, too.

So there’s that. :) I’m so blessed y’all. It’s crazy.

Next week’s topic is inventions. Think technology. What are you grateful for? Why?

I hope you’re having a beautiful Wednesday! By the way, there’s a linky below if you’d like to share the places YOU’RE thankful for. :)




  1. thanks for linking up this week! loved reading this, and loved that you did it with no pics :) sometimes its awesome to just write…

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