Sunflower Peeps Cake

Happy Tuesday friends! It’s Kayli (:

So in the spirit of finally recovering from my Easter Candy hangover, how about a little something to put your leftover Peeps to good use?

This was actually our mom’s idea. She saw it in a magazine and thought it would be cool to try for Easter dinner. But I think it’s cute for Spring in general! Nothing screams Spring like some baby chickens in the form of marshmallows in the shape of a sunflower. Nothing. And in the event you don’t have any Peeps left after the holiday, (no judgment homie- sugar covered marshmallows are good stuff. I feel ya.) Easter is over and the price of candy always seems to go down dramatically once the big day is gone.

So here’s what you’ll need.

A cake mix

Chocolate frosting

A few packages of Peeps

A bag of chocolate chips

I started with a butter yellow cake mix. You can use whatever you want- but keep in mind you’ll need two layers- so the easier it is to handle the better. I stacked and frosted the cake with the chocolate frosting to get the brown for the center of the Peep flower. Then with a little help from my madre I put Peeps, tail out,  around the top edge of the cake.

I probably should have put them more on the top and less on the edge-we ended up having to anchor some of them with toothpicks. Which probably couldn’t hurt anyway… still cute and a little sturdier. But just for future reference. Also, feel free to take a moment and enjoy the Senior Picture wall in the background. Dang we’re cute…. But moving on. (:

Once we had the Peeps on and staked down, we filled the circle in the middle with chocolate chips to give it a little more of a sunflower look. And this is how it turned out!

It was freakin delicious. Just so you know. (:

Happy Eating!

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  1. Lovely idea 😉 My kiddos will love it! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Looks so yummy! Kayli send me a slice!!!!! lol

  3. Such a great idea, just found your site today. Loving it, keep it up! Check out my blog sometime. Thanks!

  4. how darling! I am pinning this for next Easter, great idea!

  5. So freaking cute! Posting this to my FB page!

  6. That looks so yummy!! And pretty too. What a fun idea. :)

  7. Hi Kayli. Your cake turned out great! I’ve shared this recipe on my blog but haven’t actually made it. (My husband won’t allow peeps on his precious chocolate cake. lol.) But I LOVE this idea! =)

    • Boys. They’re so picky. 😉 ha! Just make it and if he complains about the peeps offer to take them off of his hands. haha!!! :) Thank you!

  8. What a fantastic idea!!! It turned out perfectly! Great job, Kayli!!!

  9. OMG – So stinkin’ cute! I would love to make it, but I’m afraid Peeps don’t last very long around here, even when I get extra ones, lol.

  10. This peeps cake is so cute! Thanks for sharing! -The Six Sisters

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