Cowboy Baby Shower Games

Today is the final chapter in my Little Cowboy Baby Shower series!
To wrap it up, how about some baby shower games!
You can see an overview of the entire shower here, the chocolate favors that I made here, and what I wore here.

I kept the games fairly simple. You’ve seen this photo before, but what you can see here is that one of our main ‘games’ was to have each guest write their address on an envelope and put it in a bowl. From there we drew out names to win door prizes. This ‘game’ as it were,  saves Mommy to be from having to address thank you notes or hunt down addresses for her guests!

western baby shower

You can also see the cute country ‘wrapped’ door prizes on the right of the table. To see how I crafted those make sure to visit my craft contributor post on Making the World Cuter tomorrow! 😉

Another of the games we played was ‘Guess the Items for Baby Cowboy‘. I took several baby items, nine in fact, and put them in a brown paper bag, labeled them with a number and stapled them shut. Shower guests were able to pass the bags around, try to feel what was inside and then write down their guess.

ideas for a baby shower game

Once each of the nine bags had made the rounds Mommy to be opened them. If a shower guest had guessed the right item they got a point. Most points won a prize! The items I used included a bottle, pacifiers, baby socks, etc. To make things a little tougher I purchased one of those travel kits that includes baby items like shampoo, baby wash, powder, etc. Because most of the bottles were shaped alike, it was a little harder to guess which was what! As an added bonus, at the end Mommy to be got to keep all of the baby items!!!

Baby shower tip: I had a box of cheapo pens on hand so guests weren’t searching for one… You know how that goes at most showers… There’s never enough things to write with!

I also created some printables that guests could write their answers on. I printed this game and another that I’ll talk about shortly on each side of a paper. So when it came time to play we passed out the papers to each guest, they played the first game, turned their paper over and played the next game!

Because I love you, you can access all the . It’s in Google docs, so you’ll need to download the file, then re-space the items to your liking before you print them out. :) The file includes sheets for the guess the items game, numbers for the guessing bags, AND sheets for Mommy and Daddy Trivia, the third game we played.

For Mommy and Daddy Trivia, I emailed the mommy to be a set of questions to answer before the shower.
Questions I asked included; Where did Mommy/Daddy grow up? What was Mommy and Daddy’s first date? Who did Mommy tell about baby first? Who did Daddy tell first? What was Mommy/Daddy’s favorite book?
The person that answered the most correctly won a prize. Don’t forget to have a tie breaker question or two!!! We needed one and had to have Mommy to be make one up on the spot! 😉

So that’s it! The Little Cowboy Shower was SO SO much fun! Hope you find my tips and ideas helpful for YOUR next baby shower!

Before you go… What’s YOUR favorite baby shower game???



  2. Hi just a few of our ideas we took a cowboy hat and rolled a few diapers and did a diaper toss whoever made the most diapers in the hat won, also we got baby bottles and made a rope and whoever lassoed the bottle got the prize inside

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