A Valentine’s Day Engagement

Happy Thursday dolls! We’d like to introduce you to our friend, Megan of And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson! As this week’s Bloggie Bestie she’s here to share a sweet Valentine story with you! Won’t you take a sec and leave her a sweet note? Then pop over to her place where I’m sharing an easy Valentine’s day craft! 😉


Hello Truly Lovely readers! My name is Megan Robinson and I write over at {And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson}. I love to have a place where I can go to express my thoughts, share my stories, and hopefully inspire and uplift other women. I like to talk about womanhood, motherhood, marriage and everything in between!

Today I’m excited to talk to you about a fun little holiday coming up: Valentine’s Day! Growing up, I thought Valentine’s Day was kind of lame. I mean, if you didn’t have a boy to celebrate with then what.was.the.point. So instead I always told people that I was celebrating Arizona’s birthday since Arizona is the coolest place evaaahhhhh! And they bought it. I was quirky so it worked. 

Flash forward: I’m in college dating this supa-cute boy and we’re getting serious. He had planned some pretty awesome Valentine’s Day dates and was totally restoring my faith in the holiday. Then one time we decided to visit Arizona to celebrate its birthday in style, and what do you know, the cute boy proposes to me on Valentine’s Day!  I will be honest. I totally thought it would be so cheesy to get engaged on Valentine’s. But in that precious moment, it was just the perfect way to celebrate the day of love {and Arizona’s birthday} that I could ask for. 

Now February 14th is not just a day filled with tons of chocolate and conversation hearts to me. It’s not even about the beautiful state abundant with saguaro cacti. To me, February 14th is the day that I said “yes” to a uncertain future filled with lots of love and lots of faith. It was the beginning of a life I didn’t even know I wanted until I was with my now husband.

I didn’t know what I was saying yes to 4 years ago. How could you ever know what the future holds? But knowing what I know now, I would say yes again in a heartbeat. {In all it’s cheesiness, it is the truth :)}

Thank you for letting me share my little Valentine’s Day love story with you guys today and thank you to Kassi and Kayli for doing this fun blog swap! I hope you all will stop by my place and say hello when you get a chance, I would love to meet you! :)

Happy Arizona’s Birthday!


How fun to be able to celebrate your engage-iverseray every Valentine’s Day!!! Thanks for sharing with us Megan!!!
Your turn friends!!! Do you have a special Valentine’s day story???


  1. awwwww how sweet! What a special story <3 Neat to learn more about Megan since I follow her blog too 😉

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