Who doesn’t love CHEESE!?!

I personally think life would be drab and unexciting without cheese. I got lucky and married a husband that feels the same way… so needless to say cheese is a necessity on our grocery list. When I received the Sargento Natural Cheese Vox Box from Influenster I was stoked!

Sargento Cheese Review 3

Inside the Vox Box were two coupons to try Sargento Cheese Sticks and an insulated Sargento Cheese travel koozi.

After having my baby girl a few months ago my doctor explained that nursing mothers need to take in extra calories, BUT to strive for good calories, aka NOT just junk. Cheese is a great snack food for those extra calories since it is a good source of protein and calcium. Would you look at that? Sargento Cheese Sticks even proclaim that message on their package, “A Natural Source of Protein & Calcium”. Snack time for the win!!!

For my first coupon I chose the Colby-Jack cheese sticks. In about a week the entire package was cleaned out! My husband and I both thought they tasted great. Have you ever noticed that some cheese sticks taste bland or funky… Not like REAL cheese. You can just tell that they are crazy over processed? Well Sargento Cheese Sticks are NOT like that. They taste just as yummy as the “real thing”!

Sargento Cheese Review

For years one of my favorite snack pairings has been cheese and a few ginger snap cookies. It’s something I learned from my Granny when I would visit her house after school as a kiddo and we would share a snack together. I was delighted to find that Sargento Cheese Sticks were an easy and convenient way to continue enjoying my favorite snack!

Sargento Cheese Review 2

First of all, I save time not having to slice cheese, which is awesome! The cheese koozi is fun for taking cheese on the go and all I need is a little sandwich baggy of ginger snaps and I have a yummy snack for the road!

I can’t wait to use my other coupon to try a different flavor of Sargento Cheese Sticks! What flavor would you like to try? What is your favorite cheese stick pairing???

Disclosure: I received the Sargento Cheese Stick coupons as part of a Vox Box via Influenster. As always opinions shared here are 100% my own!voxbox-blogimage-popup2


  1. I am a cheese-o-holic!!!

  2. I love the Sharp Cheddar sticks. The first time I tried Sargento I was skeptical because I have always bought Kraft cheese. These cheese sticks are out of this world! I have a half empty pack in my fridge right now!

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