Thirty Thankfuls Part 2

Hey friends! How was your weekend?? It was COLD here! We finally used our heater for the first time this season!

See Thirty Thankfuls Part 1 here. In case you missed it, I’m sharing one thing a day that I am thankful for via Instagram the month of November. You can follow along at @Kassarie!

Day 11: I’m thankful for the veterans that serve our great country. People like my papa who served during WWII and those stationed away from their families today. I’m thankful for the military families who live without their loved ones while they’re away. Thank you all!!


Day 12: Today I’m thankful for chilled teethers. cut her first tooth a couple days before her 4 month birthday, the left bottom tooth, and this week she’s working on number two, the bottom right.


Day 13: I’m thankful for my sister, Kayli. If I could hope for my daughter to be like anyone, besides me , I would hope that she’s like her Auntie Kayli. She is the most morally sound person I know but completely accepting of others faults. She’s a book nerd, a baking fiend and an amazing friend. Plus she has a pure excitement for things like her first trip to the ocean.


Day 14: I’m thankful for my sisters in law! Arina is so fun to hang out with and since our husbands act exactly the same (they’re brothers) we can talk for hours! Brianne has been a blessing here lately especially serving as my photography nanny, taking care of Klara when Nate can’t and I have a shoot. Jessie is the perfect wifey for my brother and will be an amazing mommy to my nephew on the way. And Steph (not pictured), always cracks me up!


Day 15: I’m thankful is a healthy, growing baby girl!! Her 4 month birthday was last week, but I waited to get her stats at her dr appt yesterday. She’s cut two teeth, rolled over once, is trying to sit up on her own. She’ll let pretty much anyone hold her for a few minutes unless she’s teething and cranky then she only wants mom. Our sweet girl is such a happy punkin!!


Day 16: I’m thankful for old friends that I don’t get to see very often and that I can now introduce them to my daughter! {AND here’s to Jen kicking cancer’s bum!!!}


Day 17: I’m thankful for old friends that I DO get to see often! And I’m grateful that they love my daughter like family too!


Day 18: I’m thankful for Scentsy! I’ve been a Scentsy consultant for over 5 years! It’s a product I use everyday in my own home and that I’m excited to share with friends! Get your Scentsy for the holidays at Kayce’s online party!!


Day 19: I’m thankful my Jamberry sheets already came!! I just ordered last week and they’re already here! I’m hosting my own party right now if you’re interested. Buy 3 sheets get the 4th free!!


Day 20: I’m thankful for Klara’s swing!! She’s about to outgrow it and I’m so sad! She loves it! I can put her in it and wash dishes or eat my lunch… It’s really bought me a lot of baby entertainment time!


Your turn: What are you thankful for today??


  1. Klara Beth looks so cute! I just love her little headbands! Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving, Kassi!

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      Thank you Jerri! It’s so fun to dress her up! :) Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving as well!

  2. Hi Kassi , Klara ‘headband is very cute ,She’s so a pretty girl.Thank you for your beautiful photos .

  3. Such a sweet post, Kassi! I am thankful for friends like you and thankful that I get to watch Klara Beth grow all the way from Houston!!

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      I agree!!! So glad to know you and watch Alice grow up all the way from Safford! haha

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