2013 20 Wishes Project Wrap Up Linky Party

Well, this is it! Time to wrap up your 2013 20 Wishes list!!! This year has been a successful, fun year for checking off those wishes you really wanted to come true, right!?

We are thrilled to see the progress you’ve made over the last year and invite you to work on your 2014 20 wishes list for the coming year. We’ll be launching the 2014 project the last week of this month!

Truly Lovely

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As always we aren’t requiring you to follow anybody, visit anybody, or anything else really. The point is for you to have a place to share and work towards accomplishing those things you really want to do. Although, it would be SUPER awesome if you were to link up your list, then visit the others that have shared and offer a little encouragement. 😉 Just sayin…



  1. This has been such a positive experience! Thank you! ‘Still deciding on my 2014 goals. I think I have a more realistic idea of things to choose this time. We’ll see, right? 😉 -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. thank you dear for hosting this party regards from sunny dubai

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