Kayli’s 20 Wishes Wrap-Up

For being the first year of this fun adventure 2013 really wasn’t all that bad. We’re so excited to get things on a much more organized path for 2014 and we’d love for you to join us. More will come on that later. :) In the meantime- here’s my wrap up!

Truly Lovely

Truly Lovely


Here’s how things went!

All progress/updates from the first month are in red, February updates are in purple, and April updates are in blue.
June updates are in green.

October updates are in orange

Final updates are in maroon.

Kayli’s Twenty Wishes by December 2013

1. Grow a garden. (Like really grow one. Keeping the weeds out and tending it to it and all!)

Planted! Hopefully it warms up a little and things don’t get squashed by a late freeze! (:

So I kinda sorta did this one. ha! Some stuff grew! I didn’t really tend to it the way I should have, but that was okay. (:


2. Start playing the guitar.

Funny story… thanks to one of my favorite people on the planet- I actually DID start playing the guitar this year. It’s a mini guitar and I stink. But that’s not what matters! haha

3. Make and send valentines.

My roommate and I made some this weekend! So the sending part is stalling out a little bit. I WILL be sending them- they might be a few days late but they’ll get there! (:

Sent one or two. I’m just excited I actually made them!


4. Buy my first pair of converse.

I didn’t finish this one- but I AM changing it. The fact of the matter is- I just don’t really WANT to spend that much money on shoes I’m not gonna wear very often. What I DO want to spend money on is a new pair of boots that I love! And I’ll be getting on that VERY soon! (:

So in July I bought a new pair of boots! My first pair of square toes. And I adore them. They have cute purple tops with pink stitching and they’re basically adorable. I’ve already walked many a mile and danced many a dance in them. (: Swoon.


5. Make meditation a habit. (Not necessarily the kind of meditation you’re thinking, just learning to be.)

This one is sort of a fail. But I want to work on it for 2014!

I’ve started this one- it’s been sort of difficult because adding a new habit is hard- but I have time to improve.
I have to admit I’m not doing a very good job of this, but I’m trying- a little at a time. (:
Guys, why is this one so hard?! haha I always forget! I’m going to try breaking it down by week, we’ll see if things get any better by next month!

6. Finish an embroidery project. (Like pillowcases, or a dresser scarf or something.)

Technically…. I did finish some stuff. But it wasn’t both pillowcases so I can’t really cross it off. Improvement is what counts, right?

I actually finished my first pillowcase AND I’ve done another little small project- but I won’t cross this off until I finish my other pillowcase (:


7. Learn the alphabet in American Sign Language.

Well this one was accomplished at one point and now forgotten. haha I remember some of them but definitely not all. Something to practice.

I started this one too! I had them all memorized for like a week and now I forget a few, so I still need to rehearse to keep it in my long term memory- but we’re getting there!


8. Reread the entire Harry Potter series.

Epic fail. haha I didn’t even start the Sorcerer’s Stone! BUT I did read like crazy this year. And given that I took an entire course in Modern American Poetry and that had a lot of assigned reading, I don’t feel that terrible about it.

Planning to start The Sorcerer’s Stone soon and work on this once school is out! :)


9. Paint again! (And maybe try something super abstract)

 This one hurts a little. I didn’t do any portraits this year much less anything abstract. I HAVE to do that in 2014. HAVE to.

10. Sleep under the stars.

Fail too. Oh well. haha

Probably not gonna happen since it’s so cold- but no biggie. I’ll come up with a replacement and let you know what I decide on.


11. Read at least one C.S. Lewis book.

That book is in my never-ending stack of books that need to be finished. Ah college, not good for funzie reading at all.

I bought a collection of four C.S. Lewis works that I cannot wait to start!! (:


12. Buy 1 FULL outfit that I really love and maybe wouldn’t buy otherwise.

Guys- I’ve discovered I have style. Ask Kassi- I came home from church one Sunday in a cute outfit and she was as shocked as i had been. haha I even bought mint green cropped pants. And I carry a purse now. What. Yeah. I’ll post pictures at some point. (:


13. Get a professional best friend photo shoot done with Sara.

We got super close to getting this one done before Christmas and ran out of light. It’ll be good to get it done when the flowers are in bloom and everything is pretty anyway.

Getting ready to do this over Thanksgiving Break or around then.


14. Go fishing in the evening off of the dock.

Plans are in the works for this- prime fishing time! (:

No dock- but I did go fishing! Totally counts! (:


15. Do the Color Run!

All signed up and ready to go in January! (:
Went and LOVED it!!! It rained the whole time and it rocked. Seriously, there was color everywhere and music and people were dancing and yelling and it was THE. BEST.

16. Spend an entire day riding horses PURELY for fun- wherever I feel like going.

Been spending a little time with my favorite girl (my sweet horse) lately and hopefully will be able to grab a day to take her out and have a long day of riding. (:

My sister in law and I went out one morning and rode all over the place in July. It was a VERY good day.


My sweet horse. Love her. :) And this view.

17. Throw someone a full on party- birthday or just because.

So I threw a couple of parties this year and it was so fun. We’re in the middle of planning another right now.

(I just changed this one because I like this wish better! You can see what I replaced it with by going to my original list here.)

So I threw a baby shower earlier this month and it was super fun- but I’m going to leave this one up just in case another party opportunity comes my way. I discovered this is something I LOVE to do!

Still leaving this one open because the year isn’t over and more might come my way- but I also did a mini-surprise birthday party for my roommate last week!


18. Go to the Catwalk.

This one isn’t going to happen either. But I DID go to South Padre and see the ocean for the first time. 7 million times cooler anyway. (:


19. Learn to bake homemade bread!

So for Christmas, I made my first batch of dinner rolls without my Granny physically being there…. and I gotta say, they were pretty darn good. Not a loaf of bread- but there was rising involved and I was pretty proud of them.

20. Donate, even if it’s just a little, to a cause that I really believe in. (I’ll be doing lots of research for this one! (; )

I actually donated a little to the Special Olympics of Arizona this year!

Working on this for sure. Just a matter of getting it done. (:


So there it is- my triumphant and motivational list of things done and things postponed. Here’s hoping 2014 is more accomplishment than things left undone. I hope you’ll get in on it with us too!



  1. Great job!!

  2. Wow, Kayli! You accomplished LOTS! Congrats! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. You accomplished a fair few of those things on your list! Great job!! When I was back in New Mexico every year I donated and volunteered for Special Olympics and it is rewarding!!

  4. Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

    You got more done than I did!!! Whoot! 😉 Here’s to more in 2014… better start thinking of wishes! haha

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