A Few of the People I Adore. Ten Week of Thanks Week #3

I hope you’ve been enjoying all the giveaways going on here! :) Lots of excitement! My journey to being thankful rolls on though, regardless of how hard it’s been for me to share. I hear that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. This week’s topic is people who are alive and kickin in your life right now. :) So here are just a few of the lovely souls who graciously share themselves with little old me.

The first is my big brother, Toby. Toby is… awesome. He’s just the best big brother ever. When we get to hang out, we watch The Big Bang Theory and joke and look up random topics and I make him cookies. He makes me feel better about life, and I like to think sometimes I return the favor. We’re just a good time. And he’s super protective and supportive. I’m grateful for him because I know that I could make the worst choices in the world and be a total bum and he would still believe in me. 

Next are my sister’s sisters in law. That might seem sort of random, and I know that technically this isn’t one person- but whatever. I love them. They’re such amazing examples to me.  Arina has the kindest, most genuine heart of anyone I think I’ve ever met, and she’s so talented. Steph is so easy to love, she cracks me up and never ceases to make me smile. And Brianne is the most thoughtful, giving person in the world. They’re kind and beautiful and amazing wives and even more amazing mothers and I adore each one of them.
Next up is my cousin and lovely friend, Katie. She’s so awesome. We always have the best adventures running around in the summer. (and if we get a chance, in the fall, winter and spring.) We play cards and bake cookies and go to the park and look for cows in the dark and sing. You will never come across a happier, sweeter person. It’s never a dull moment. I’m thankful for her because she’s so kind and loving and such an amazing example. And she’s crazy courageous.

Then there’s Laci. (far right) We’re sort of a trio, Katie and Laci and I. The three cousins. :) We’re a little wild when you get us all together, but we always have SO much fun! I’m so thankful for Laci because she understands me. Even when I get all philosophical and get all these crazy ideas and ask wild questions, she doesn’t look at me like I’m nuts. She gets it. We don’t get to see each other often, but when we do we stay up until four in the morning and laugh and talk and tell scary stories and make up games. We scheme and have the greatest inside jokes, and I know she’s always there. I could never thank her enough for the amazing example and support she’s been for me. 
And finally, my beautimous, wonderful sister. Kassi is my best friend. She’s who I turn to EVERY day. She’s the one that tells me to suck it up or that it’s okay to be sad. She pushes me and never lets me take the easy way out. I honestly cannot imagine life without her, I don’t know what I would do with myself. She cuts my burdens in half and doubles my joy. She teaches me to be a lady, to be a friend, to be kind, to be confident, to take life head on. How could you not be grateful for that? And what kind of sister would I be if I didn’t tell her? :) 

So those are my five. :) Next week’s topic is People Who Have Passed On. They might be gone, but that doesn’t mean they don’t live on in the way they changed your life. Who are they, and why are they on your list?
I hope you’re having a fantastic week and that you count today as another blessing. 

Ten Weeks of Thanks: Week Two

I’m a little behind today. My life is nuts right now… It’s a miracle I’m not asleep. So, sorry homies. But this is good, because even if my life is a little wild this week, I was on the look out for things to put on my list. It kept things in perspective. So here are my five MATERIAL POSSESSIONS that I’m thankful for:

I’m thankful for my dream catcher. 
So I’ve had this gorgeous dream catcher for I don’t even know how long. And apparently (Correct me if I’m wrong sis.) {Kassi here – She’s not wrong, mine is hung over my headboard as we speak!;)} our mom made each of us one when I was really little. For some reason I don’t remember that, but I DO remember when she explained what it did to me. Something to the effect of if you put it over your bed, it catches the bad dreams so you won’t have nightmares and that it would keep me safe. Which was huge, because I used to have the worst nightmares ALL the time. I like to think maybe it isn’t just superstition or legend, that it really does keep the bad dreams away. So I brought it with me to school, and now it’s more than just a dream catcher. It reminds me of home, it’s a gift from my mom. 

I’m thankful for my printer.
I’m so glad I own that fantastic hunk of plastic. :) For all the times I remember at 11:00 that I need a paper for the next morning’s classes or I need to print an email for a meeting. I can pull out my printer and in just a minute or two I have whatever papers I need in my hands. I’m so glad I don’t have to drive to campus in my pajamas and find a printer or copier. That’s awesome.

I’m thankful for my headphones. 
Sometimes I just need a minute. Just a minute to be by myself and not think about homework or tomorrow’s classes or whatever drama is going on. My headphones give me that. I plug them in, put on some Josh Abbott or Greyson Chance and give myself a second to just chill out. They entertain me between classes, they help put me to sleep some nights, and they help me focus. They’re small, and maybe not worth much, but they do a good job.

I’m thankful for my phone.
I know that’s pretty standard. But really, my phone saves my life. It keeps me connected to everyone, it saves me from awkward situations. It has all of my music and a camera and a map. Stuff that I use EVERY single day. It wakes me up in the morning and tells me what time it is. It’s my favorite thing. 

And finally, I’m thankful for my boots. 
Kassi’s hubs likes to make fun of me for wearing them all the time, but I love my boots. {Kassi here again, yeah, he really does. Weirdo. He wears HIS almost all the time too…. haha.} These are definitely not my first pair. I’ve worn through four pairs in the last few years. They just made sense at home because of the mud and the stuff I was doing everyday and now boots are just a thing for me. They’re the most comfortable shoes ever as far as I’m concerned.  And I never have to stop and tie them. Bonus! :) 

So yeah, there are my five! You can link up to each week for a month, so if you’re interested, it’s not too late. And while you’re at it, grab a button.

Next week the topic is PEOPLE WHO ARE ALIVE TODAY. Who in your life right now are you grateful for? 
Let them know while you can. :) 
OH.. and P.S. THIS is still going on! Just scroll down to enter Days 1 and 2!!!

Ten Weeks of Thanks: Week Number One!

It’s finally here! The first of ten. :) For those of you who don’t know, I’m doing a project of Ten Weeks of Thanks and you can join in the fun, it’s never too late and I’d love for you to get in on it! For those details, the original post is . Last week I announced that the topic for today would be Physical Abilities. I spent the week trying to think about little things under that topic that I’m thankful for instead of just the big things I already recognize. It was hard. I had to work on really thinking about what I’ve been given and understanding that the normal is actually really extraordinary. 
So here are my five:

I’m thankful I CAN READ.
It seems obvious to tie this to sight, but it isn’t just that I’m grateful for sight, but for what it gives me. I can read words. I can take in entire stories and lives and emotions and a single word never has to be said out loud, all because I can read. I can look at a book and understand lessons and assignments. I can write this right now because I know how to read. On any given day I take in so much written content, there’s no way to measure it. Books, scriptures, road signs, blog and Facebook and Twitter posts. It’s a simple thing- but there are so many people who never even get the opportunity to learn. And let’s be real- I don’t know what I would do if I had never read Harry Potter, or The Hunger Games, or Hattie Big Sky, or If I Stay, or Remembrance, or…or…or…

I’m thankful I CAN REMEMBER.
 I just started college, so it’s not like I have decades of memories to recall. But the short amount of life I have under my belt has been amazing. It’s never been perfect- but isn’t that the point? EVERY memory is a lesson at the least. And I’m just thankful I can look back at all. What if as every day went by, it left us completely? What if tomorrow you woke up and didn’t recognize anyone or anything? I think that would be awful. I’m grateful for that part of the brain that stores all my happy times and stupid choices. I’m grateful that for now at least, it does a good job of keeping it all in there.

I’m grateful that I CAN DANCE.
Fun fact: There is more than one version of the Cotton Eyed Joe, and I can do two of them. I can also legit two step, macarena, chicken dance, electric slide, YMCA, cupid shuffle, do the Love Shack dance, I can jerk, Dougie, AND I know how to do the jitterbug. I also awkward 80s dance like a pro. That’s not to say I do all of them particularly well- or that I even do them right. But I can do them. :) I can get out there and make a total fool of myself. I love to dance. More than a lot of things. I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about what I would do if I couldn’t bust moves and look ridiculous.

I’m thankful I CAN BAKE.
Random thing to be thankful for? Maybe. But homies, if you know me- you know I have to bake. Even if I don’t eat it. I’m totally cool with giving all of it away as long as I can stir it up, put it in the oven and decorate it. It’s a stress reliever thing. And there’s something comforting about knowing that no matter what- if you put certain ingredients together, stick them in the oven and watch them, you’ll get something good. Always. It’s also something that ties me to my Granny. Proof that she’s still with me because she taught me how to do it. That’s priceless. 
And last- I’m so grateful I CAN WALK.
It’s something so obvious, but something I hadn’t really put much thought into before. Everyday I get up and walk around the house getting ready. I walk to my car. I walk up and down stairs to get to class. I walk around the grocery store to shop. I walk up the steps into church. And Tuesday, while walking to class, I saw a young man in a wheel chair, and I thought “What if that was me? What if I had to work through a million obstacles just to get to school in the morning?” And I was amazed at how happy he seemed. Those that can’t walk or are bound, even for a little while, to a chair or to a bed are a kind of strong I don’t think I could ever be. And that I don’t have to go through that, is something I don’t want to take for granted.

So that’s my list! Now it’s your turn to link yours up and share what YOU’re grateful for! Also, next Wednesday the project moves forward with MATERIAL POSSESSIONS. 
What are five material things that you are grateful for?

And please, take a button!

You’re all amazing and I love the heck out of you.
I can’t wait to see your lists, and hopefully see you back here next week. :) 

Ten Weeks of Thanks- An Announcement

Happy Wednesday from Kayli! 
I wanted to announce a little bit of a project today.
I’ve been inspired by a really fantastic church lesson. We were given ten topics and asked to write something that fell under them that we’re grateful for. At the end, we were encouraged to expand our lists. I’m a firm believer in counting my blessings and being aware of what I’ve been given. It’s something I need to work on though. I’m so blessed, but with all the hustle and go of school and life, I often forget just how good I have it. Don’t we all? 
Don’t we all lose sight of how amazing our lives really are and how much there is to be thankful for? 
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We tend to remember our blessings around Thanksgiving time and the holidays- but the holiday season has come to an end; our New Years Resolutions are getting hard to keep or we’ve completely dropped them and life is so stressful. We forget.
So here’s the plan: Every Wednesday (starting this coming Wednesday, the 8th) for ten weeks, I’ll be taking an area or topic from the activity and talking about 5 things and/or people within it that I am grateful for and why. 
 I want to expand my list and count my blessings.

Here’s where you come in! Every Wednesday, you’ll have an opportunity to link up YOUR lists. I’ll give you the first topic today and you’ll link it up on the 8th- then next Wednesday I’ll give you the next topic and so on. I’m taking a little bit of a risk here, I’ve never done anything like this- so I really hope you’ll join me!
The topic for the 8th is PHYSICAL ABILITIES.
What are five (or more/less if you want) physical abilities that you are grateful for? Why are you grateful for them?
Your list can be made of whatever comes to mind. 
Big things, small everyday things, something that maybe you haven’t thought of as a blessing before. It’s up to you! The point is to really think about how much you’ve been given and maybe put a little perspective on all the crazy that’s your everyday. Life is good and full of beautiful things, let’s name a few. :)
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I hope I’ll see you next week!