Kayli’s 25 before 25

So once upon a time my dear sister wrote a wonderful post you can find here on 30 things she wants to do before she turns 30. She challenged me to do a 25 before 25 post, so here I am. And let me tell you- this was NOT easy. When I first sat down I was like “this will be cake…” which was soon replaced with a moment of identity crisis. “What DO I want to do?!” Cause that’s what college sophomores do I guess. And THEN I got this whole flood of (mainly stupid) ideas and had too many. I think I finally have a list I’m happy about now though, so here it is! (:

1. Graduate from college.

2. Start teaching high school.

3. Cook a duck for my brother in law.

(To prove that I can.)

4. Learn to play the piano.


5. Spend some time in Salt Lake City.

(Preferably for General Conference or when the Christmas lights are up.)

Temple Square

6. Become a part time photographer.

7. Read the Bible and Book of Mormon in their entirety.

Book of Mormon

8.Relearn Spanish.

(Because I didn’t keep it up well enough and a lot of it -most of it- has left me.)

9. Build an online handmade business with Kassi.

10. Go to the Catwalk.

(a fun, nature, tourist destination near our hometown that I’ve never actually been to myself.)

11. RUN a 5k.

(Cause I’ve already walked one.)

12. Grow my hair out long.

13. Buy a new car.

14. Make a quilt.

(A legit, full sized, quilted, quilt.)

15. Go to a blog conference.

16. Send out Valentines.

17. Visit Texas when the bluebonnets bloom.


18. Go on a blind date.

(or several)

19. Stay out of debt and start saving.

20. Learn to fish like a pro.

21. Graduate from LDS Institute.

22. Beat my Mom at Ms. Pacman.

(She’s a pro. It’s intense.)

23. Learn how to play poker.

24. Finish renovating my house in my hometown.

25. Go bear hunting again.

And there it is my dear friends. Let’s see how successful I am. (:

What’s your list? I’d love to see it.