A Sweet Gift for a New Mommy and Baby

Hey there!! Long time no talk!!! Thank goodness for Fancy This Fridays or you wouldn’t have heard anything from me in weeks!! We’re finally past #weddingbonanza2013 and I’m starting to feel caught back up with everything!!!

So today I’m back on the bloggy-blog to share one of the sweetest gift ideas… Klara recently received her very first Christmas ornament from my friend, Jerri.

baby first christmas ornament

Jerri is also a blogger, she blogs at Simply Sweet Home, and she is the owner/creator behind the Etsy shop . When she offered to create an ornament for miss Klara I was absolutely delighted! I mean who wouldn’t want a keepsake ornament to commemorate their child’s first Christmas?!?! AWESOME Gift Idea Alert!!!

I was able to choose whether I wanted just her first name or also her middle name, the color of the ribbon and the cute little charm! Don’t you think the rocking horse is so fitting?!?! The other charms include a Christmas tree, baby bottle, baby feet, pacifier, high chair, or a ducky.


The ornament itself is made of two hand stamped aluminum disks that will not rust and thus hang beautifully on your holiday tree for many years!! I really, really believe this would make a beautiful gift for your new mommy friend, a baby shower gift, Christmas gift for your own new little one… As a new mommy myself I was touched by the simplicity but lasting quality of our ornament.


Plus it makes a darling photo prop!! 😉

You can get your own from Jerri’s shop at that link. She also creates hand stamped necklaces and key chains as well as other lovely handmade jewelry.

Your turn: My family has always had the tradition of a new Christmas ornament every year for each of the kids. I plan to carry on that tradition with Klara. Do you have any ornament or other special Christmas traditions?

Little Cowgirl Baby Shower #1

On May 18th one of my best friends, Meghan, and my sister in law, Brianne, hosted a sweet Little Cowgirl Baby shower for me and baby girl Mortensen. Kayli took all of the photos so I’ve been waiting on her to get them sent to me, but I have them now and I am excited to share the sweet baby shower my friends and family threw!

So this is a little all over the place… Lots of photos for me to share with you but also so that I’ll have something to help me remember. 😉 Apologies…

cowgirl baby shower cake

The cake was actually made and decorated by my next door neighbor! My sister in law commissioned her to make it for the party… Until then I didn’t even know she made cakes!?! Funny how someone can have an amazing talent and you not even know! I LOVED the little Precious Moments cake topper. *Random fact, I collected Precious Moments trinkets and things when I was little!

For the food they created a nacho bar. There were tortilla chips, hot nacho cheese and just about any topping you could ever want… olives, green onions, seasoned beef, jalapeno peppers, and more! They were seriously so yummy!!! There were also some fruit trays and dip.

little girl diaper cake

Speaking of cakes, how cool is this diaper cake!?! ALSO made by my next door neighbor and her daughter! Right now I have it displayed in baby girl’s room. The diapers are size 4 so I have some time before I need to ‘use’ the cake… 😉

baby shower game

One of the games we played was the ‘What’s in your purse’ game. We were given a list and then had to go through our purses to see how many of the list items were in your bag. Jastine, my husband’s step-sister, had all kinds of goodies in her purse. We went through her change and I’m pretty sure she had every state quarter ever made in that sucker! 😉 haha.

baby shower game ideas

Another of the games we played was guessing the price of the baby items. There was a bottle, baby food, binkies, baby lotion, etc. and you had to guess what each item cost. They gave two prizes, one for the most items guessed within ten cents, and one for the overall total closest to the actual total… Guess who won? 😉 I had the most guesses correct within ten cents and Kayli won for the closest overall total! Door prizes were pretty smelling hand soaps from Bath & Body Works!! Whoop!

In that photo up above you can see one of the decoration elements was a little ‘clothes line’ with cowgirl clothes hanging on it. Of course I got to take home all of the cute little clothes AND all of the baby items from the guess the price game!

playing baby shower games

I was so blessed to have so many of my closest friends and family come to this shower. At least the ones close to the area that we live in now. We had a great turnout and it was fun to see everyone.


Sister in law, Jessie. Mom. Kassi. Kayli.

We were also blessed to receive so many adorable baby clothes, baby necessities and the like. Let’s just say baby girl’s closet is fully stocked from newborn through 12 months old now! 😉

Kassi and Meghan

Kassi and Meghan

On the invitation guests were asked to bring a signed children’s book instead of a card so we received lots of books to start baby girl’s very own little library! The guest book was even a little cowgirl book about a girl that needed a horse. All of the guests signed it for us to keep! {You can kind of see it on top of the basket in the next photo…}

cowgirl baby shower

One of the special gifts I received was a live orchid from my friend, Meghan. She just had a baby boy back in October and her mom gave her an orchid. They are supposed to be proponents of calm, peace and serenity. She said I’m supposed to put it somewhere I’ll see it often and when I get stressed (as you will with a new baby), looking at it is supposed to help me feel less overwhelmed and just better. Such a neat idea, right!?!

You can also see the party favors in the photo above. Meghan made homemade trail mix and then bagged it in cute little brown paper bags that said ‘Happy Trails’. SO fun!


The definite star of the show was little mister Reiner! Meghan’s baby boy and my godson. Such a handsome little cowboy he is already! We’ve already decided him and baby girl Mortensen will be the best of friends. 😉

Kassi and Brianne

Kassi and Brianne

While us girls were at the shower the gents all got together for a round of golf and a diaper party to celebrate Nate becoming a daddy. We received all kinds of diapers and hopefully won’t have to buy any for a really long time! I HIGHLY recommend hosting a diaper shower for your daddy to be!!! Or asking a friend to host it for you! The guys all had a good time hanging out and we raked in the diapers!


Thanks so much to Meghan and Brianne for hosting the shower and everyone that came and spent a fun afternoon with us!

Cowboy Baby Shower Chocolate Favors

Remember last week I promised a post on the Cowboy Chocolate Favors that I made for my best friend’s baby shower?
Well here you go! 😉

cowboy baby shower guest book frame

These were so, so fun to make and I was completely pleased with how they turned out!
It just so happened that a few weeks before the baby shower Kayli and I walked into JoAnn’s to find a sale on candy supplies! I got everything I needed to make these adorable favors for about $20!
The cowboy boot and hat chocolate molds .

chocolate cowboy favors

I used Kayli’s method of melting chocolate…
A saucepan of boiling water, a pie pan on top, chocolate in the pie pan, stir until completely melted.

how to melt chocolate without an actual double broiler

Then I filled the candy squeeze bottle with the melted chocolate and then filled the candy molds. I didn’t need the squeeze bottle so much for the cowboy hats as they were a larger mold, but it was SO nice to have for filling the smaller boot molds!

candy squeeze bottle

A quick tap or two of the molds on the counter top and the chocolate smoothed right out! The molds went into the freezer for about five-eight minutes. Once I took them out they popped right out of the molds!

cowboy chocolate candy

I made both blue colored and brown chocolates. To package them I put a mix of blue and brown in a candy bag.

chocolate baby shower favors

I stamped some brown Kraft tags purchased from Pick Your Plum with a red ‘Thanks Friend’ stamp.
{Thanks to my sister in law, Brianne, for the stamp!!!}
And tied one tag around each bag of chocolates.

Cowboy Party Favors

To display the favors at the baby shower I used a rope basket from my wedding, a basket I snagged from my mom at some point {thanks mom!!} and some red paisley fabric…

favors for a cowboy baby shower

We handed one out to each guest at the end of Meghan’s baby shower to say thanks for coming.

If nothing else, Meg was impressed… She kept telling people, “Look, these are chocolate!
Her dad cracked me up… he told her, “Good… just what you need Meg.”
I couldn’t agree more… any pregnant mommy-to-be should have some chocolate!!! 😉

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Little Cowboy Baby Shower

I am SO excited to share this baby shower with you dolls!
One of my best friends in the world is expecting a little cowboy in October! I am thrilled for her and her first baby!!

Kassi and Meghan – My wedding July 2011

The theme was based on the bedding she chose, red paisley, denim, brown…
Little cowboy!
The invitations for her shower and the Daddy Diaper Party {hosted by my husband for her husband, Kenny} were designed by my friend, Laura of . I gave her the wording I wanted, the outline of the cowgirl mommy, the colors, and she did the rest!

daddy diaper party invitations

The shower invite reads,
A little cowboy is on his way… So let’s shower mommy before the delivery day!
And then, “One last request: instead of a card for baby and mother please give a child’s book with your thoughts in the cover. By signing your book, they’ll remember and share your special gift even when you’re not there!”

We had so many comments on what a good idea the book instead of a card was! :)

The daddy invite reads, “Daddy Diaper Party! Join us for a round of golf, drinks and good eats to celebrate father-to-be, Kenny! Please help Kenny prepare for lots of ‘changes by bringing a pack of diapers.

Cowboy Onesie Clothesline

My favorite part of the decorations was the little cowboy onesies. I purchased the iron-on set from Whimsical Printables. The rope they were hung on matched the table clothes and other decorations that came from Party World via Meg’s other friend (and my partner in crime for this shower), Kendra. I made some in several sizes so she’ll have some cute cowboy onesies to dress her little guy in for awhile!

western baby shower

Above you’ll see the games and door prize table. I have a whole post planned for those. Perhaps next week. 😉

How stinkin’ cute is that cake!?! Meg’s Aunt Alysha, commissioned it for us… Adorable!!!

dessert for a cowboy baby shower

Kayli and I made the little blue cowboy cookies using this recipe and this royal icing recipe. I purchased the .

For the punch we mixed a blue Hawaiian punch and club soda. It was delicious!!! Drinks were served in mason jars with cute denim striped straws from .

mason jar drinks

How cute is this watermelon buggy that Kendra made!?! The rest of the food was a combo of finger foods brought by close family members.
I made this queso dip and served it in my warmed crock pot… it was a hit! We invited the men from the diaper party in to eat after they finished golfing and they practically licked it clean. 😉

baby shower fruit display

baby shower guests

Guests signed a red photo mat that goes inside a lovely barn wood frame for the little cowboy’s room. Kayli found the frame and mat on sale at Hobby Lobby for me! Whoot! You can see the favors in the baskets here as well. A post of their own is coming soon! 😉

cowboy baby shower guest book frame

We hosted the shower at a local country club so while the ladies showered mommy inside, the gents entertained daddy outside with a round of golf! It rained all day but they carried on anyway! And daddy received a ton of diapers!!

daddy diaper party

That’s the hubs and daddy-to-be, Kenny at the front of the pack there. 😉

I had an absolute blast planning and putting this little cowboy shower together for my sweet friend. Kendra was awesome to work with… we did it all through text messages if you would believe it. 😉 And sweet Kayli came the weekend of as added support.
It was just perfect!!

cowboy baby shower

Plus, mommy to be, Meghan received more baby stuff than she’ll know what to do with… I call that a baby shower success!!!
Hope you’ll be back tomorrow for a special baby shower addition of What I Wore Wednesday. And I promise to share more on the games and favors next week. :)

Thanks for ‘partying’ with us dolls!

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