Where were you…?

“Where were you when the world stopped turning… 
That September day?”

Have you heard that song by ? It’s a good one. 
A song that defines a single date in time that changed the lives of so many. 

Kassi: I was at home.
I was getting ready for school. 
I was a teenager.
My brother and I took turns watching for the school bus. 
Then it came on the news. Honestly, I don’t remember what part. 
Maybe the first tower…
When we got to school I remember distinctively going into the high school library and watching the news with a bunch of students and teachers.
I wasn’t even really sure what was going on. I remember a sense of panic, that this was really, really bad, whatever was happening. 
Turns out it was

The 9/11 Memorial is scheduled to open today. 
Will you be visiting? 

Kayli: On September 11th I was in third grade. 
I don’t really remember much. 
I do remember going to school and then they rushed us all into the school board room. They had a TV set up and I remember watching the plane run into the tower over and over. 
Our teachers were crying so we were too. 
None of us really understood but we knew it was sad, and we knew it was scary. I’ll never forget that day, and that even though I wasn’t totally sure what a terrorist was, or what the trade centers were.. 
I knew patriotism and compassion and that was enough for my heart to break for my country, and for the lives lost.

So tell us friends, in the comments below. 
In remembrance of September 11, 2001…

Where were YOU when the world stopped turning… 
That September day???