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Make It Your Own Christmas Gift Idea

I am a HUGE advocate of making things your own… adding little touches that make your items unique to you and different from everyone else! That being said, I like to treat the gifts I give at Christmas, and any other time, the same way. It seems so much more personal to add a little something specific to that gift receiver so that she, or he, feels it was made, or at least chosen especially for them.
I recently completed a Make it Your Own project for a friend’s Christmas gift. I started by purchasing a zebra print train case (I have one and just LOVE it!!) and then purchased a skull and crossbones iron on blingy from Wal-Mart. The iron on cost less than $3.

It turns out the iron on, because it has little rhinestones, is supposed to be ironed on by turning the fabric inside out. You CAN’T turn a train case inside out, so my solution was to use a small rectangular piece of black fabric from our fabric stash.
I did the ol’ snip with scissors than rip method to get the “rough” looking frayed edges on the material. I compared the fabric size to the iron on to make sure it would fit nicely. I then followed the directions on the iron on to secure the fun little blingies to the black fabric.
 To attach my little rectangle embellishment, I hand sewed a little X on each of the four corners attaching the skull fabric to the train case fabric. I used black thread, but looking back it might’ve been fun to use purple to match the train case trim.
And viola! I made it my own! Well, in this case, my friend’s own for her Christmas gift!!!
The embellishing only cost me a few dollars for the iron on! 
So what do you think??? I love it so much, I might embellish my own train case!!

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Christmas Rope Wreath

The Holidays are upon us! I wanted to make a Fall wreath but when I went shopping for the fall flowers and leaves to put on the wreath, the stores here have already switched to Christmas! There was no orange, yellow or brown to be found! So instead I got some Christmas flowers and began focusing on a Christmas Wreath!

I made the wreath using one of my fiance’s old greenish colored ropes and the Christmas flowers I bought. I simply coiled the rope to form the round wreath and tied it using some brown twine/string stuff that I found at the house. Then I used the twine and a little bit of glue from the hot glue gun to attach the flowers and leaves atop the rope.

The “pine” needles added a fun touch I think! I realize it’s a little early for Christmas decorations since we just made it past Thanksgiving, but I couldn’t resist hanging it on the front gate to see how it looked.

That’s Ziggy in the background. She liked the wreath I’m sure! :)
It was such an easy craft!! It didn’t even take a full hour… But still turned out really nice! And it adds a rustic holiday spirit to the front of our house, don’t you think??
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Lovely (and very easy!) Bows

Okay so yesterday, my wonderful sister Kassi was making felt flower clips for hair accessories and I (Kayli) decided that maybe there was a way to make bows too… So after a little experimenting I discovered a way! I took a standard sheet of black felt and cut out a rectangle using a ruler and highlighter, about five inches long. You can make it as wide as you want, depending on how big of a bow you want :)

Then I pinched it together in the middle and sewed through a few times, no special way, just enough to keep it together…

Then I cut out another small rectangle of felt, wrapped it around the center and hot glued it in place. Later we made more and added buttons, and even hardware to make them more unique and a little trendier. We just used hot glue again, no big process, just add what you like.

After I had the bow all put together, I hot glued a black hair barrett to the back in the middle just like this…

And there you have it! A classic (VERY easy to make) bow for your hair! You can wear them just about anywhere. Glitter felt, or adding a little bling of your own would make for a super cute Holiday accessory (or gift!) Just sayin’!

P.S. These would make a super cheap, super easy stocking stuffer for Christmas!!!

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Black Friday Deals!

In about 20 minutes of online shopping and Black Friday deals I (Kassi) finished up mom, Kayli, and our brother for Christmas gifts! I love sales and coupons… In fact, if I’m not using a coupon or some sort of discount, I probably won’t buy it!

Here are a few of my favorite Black Friday deals right now!

For All Time Clocks has a 50% off coupon for the rest of today!
Just enter BFF50 at check out! They take your personal photos and turn them into a personalized clock! Or you can order a premade clock for a little less!

Sorellas, a lovely little shop in Safford, Az has some of their specials on their online blog. If you’re in the area, they are having a few in store sales. “From 10-12p.m., Spend $50 or more and get a free scarf. Spend $100 or more and get a $15 gift card. All Day Sale- All tops, buy one get one 40% off. Buy a pair of Rock Revivals get a $25 gift card.”

Taco Taste, also located in Safford is having a after Thanksgiving deal of $0.99 for a large fountain drink, just mention their ad on facebook. You can see it .

Joann’s has several great deals including $2.99 a yard fleece fabric!

Happy shopping!!! Hope you find some awesome deals!!! If you find anything good online, please feel free to share!! :)

Rustic Rope Vase

Rustic Rope Vase

I’ve (Kassi) been working on rope vases to use as part of my wedding centerpieces. I think they really go well with the whole western/roping theme we have going on!
I was lucky to discover my fiance’s mom’s soldering iron. She used to make rope baskets and things. I decided I’d teach myself to do it and I did!
It’s really tough getting one started… But after that the process goes pretty quickly.

This is my very first rope vase. I LOVE it! And I am so excited to use them for my wedding. Less than 7 months to get enough made… Here we go!

Tools Needed:
Used, preferably soft, rope
(having a team roping fiance means I have these running out my ears)
Soldering Iron (complements of fiance’s mama)
Newspaper or large piece of plastic to lay down on work surface
(just to protect whatever you’re working on)

To make a rope vase, you curl the rope into itself then melt it to itself with the soldering iron. Like I said, its difficult to get started, but after that it’s just a matter of taking the time to melt the ropes together.
The finished product can be a basket, (I’ve made one small one so far), a rope vase (2 made, one in the makings), or any other shape you choose to mold the rope into!

The next project that I am excited to try is rope wreaths with fun fall flowers/leaves. If they work out I want to make some to use in the wedding as well.
I’ll keep you posted on how that turns out.

So what do you think of the vase?? Likey?? We’d love to hear from you!!!

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