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Hey dolls! Remember we’ve been celebrating MOMMA this month!
Here’s another amazing Truly Lovely large ad sponsor with a Mom related guest post!

Say hello to Kristine of The Foley Fam!

Hope all you Rockin Momma’s were spoiled this year, just like you deserve! Lucky for me I got to spend it with my Mom and my girls (and some Mexican food my fav!)!

My Mom.

 She’s taught me so much, and is the mother and woman I strive to be. When I think of life lessons she has taught me that I will pass to M&M, the saying below is one of them.
It is a friendly reminder, not only to others but mostly to ourselves.

Please feel free to use this as you wish. If you post it on the web tho,
please reference back to my blog. I made it using a picture I took
during one of our morning walks, and the program Picasa to add the text.
So simple, and better yet free! I printed it out and framed it. It is
suited for a 4×6 frame. Just right click, save to your computer, and
have it printed like a normal photo. Enjoy!
I’m finding the saying above holds true in many aspects of our lives, including this blogging world. It’s easy to just assume something about someone, I’m guilty of it as well.
I don’t know what fuels people. I don’t know what’s happening in their
lives, their journey. Who am I to assume they’re just being a jackass
just to be a jackass? Maybe they really are just having a bad day? All I
can really do is make sure I am being the best me I can be, and hope that
positive light spreads to others so they spread some positive light out
It’s easy to get caught up in someone else’s life, how “perfect” it is. Or how perfect it may seem. The blogging world pretty much makes us question ourselves. Why can’t I be a supermom like her, why can’t I make pretty things like her, why can’t I bake like her? Really tho, WHY can’t you? Who says you can’t? Pity parties are definitely healthy, as long as they are short lived and you move on… to bigger and better. So I say we kick pity parties in the bum… hard!
Everyone has their own worries, their own stresses, whether they chose
to document and share them is up to them. If they are sharing them,
comment. Leave your wisdom, praise, whatever. Leave something positive.
If you think someone rocks let them know. Trust me, it makes a difference. Be kind (rewind, ha had to put that in there). It doesn’t take much effort to be kind, I promise.
Everyone has a bad day, but remember someone out there is having an
even worse day. Remember, people are just people. The more positivity
you shoot out there, the more it will circle, and better yet eventually
come barreling back to you!!
Whoa, on the deepness factor of this post (wink wink).
I swear to you I’m not always this preachy over at our place (ha!), we actually are all about having fun! So if you’re into that type of thing, come partay with us!!
P.S. We never need a reason to celebrate, but I do have my Blog-iversary celebration happening right now! Enter to win some FABULOUS swag from some of my best friends! Kassie and Kayli just might be giving something away the last Sunday in May too… just maybe :)
Have a happy day! XOXO

Hope you’ll pop over and leave Kristine some bloggie love at her place! AFTER leaving her a little love on this post of course! 😉 Let us say yet again, we are SO thankful for all of the Mom’s in our lives! Including you mommies that read our blog! THANK YOU! And thanks to all our amazing May sponsors!!!


  1. Great to see you here Kristine! Good thoughts also, sometimes we get so caught up in the cool things others do that we forget we can bring something pretty amazing to the table ourselves! Have a blessed day!

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