WIWW – Old Navy ActiveWear During Pregnancy

Staying active while pregnant is incredibly important. Sure, the types of activities and exercises you can do while expecting are limited, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay active long into the third trimester! During the early months of my pregnancy I stayed active by running on the treadmill, even ‘training’ for and running in The Color Run 5K. Later on when running became more cumbersome than it was worth I’ve really focused on walking. I try to go for a walk every day, even if it’s just down to the horse pens (behind my house) and back.

Thanks to Old Navy and Crowdtap I even have a cute maternity friendly workout outfit now! Old Navy Activewear is my go to for fashionable workout attire. Even while pregnant the new additions to their Activewear line are flattering and comfortable!

Old Navy Activewear Review

For this sample and share from Old Navy via Crowdtap I chose one of their brand new Mesh Bubble Tanks in the Carbon color. I love that it has the bubble bottom which allows for plenty of room for my growing baby bump! The racer back styling makes it cool and comfortable for the hot Arizona heat. And the mesh fabric is breathable and comfortable against your skin!

Old Navy Activewear

For the bottoms I chose the Old Navy Fold Over Yoga Capris. The fold over waste can easily be worn underneath my pregnant stomach comfortably, the loser fit (as opposed to the tighter compression capris) allows for more leg room (and thigh room, and bum room…) And they pair really well with the bubble top for a fun workout outfit!

This round of Old Navy Activewear has some fun new options so it was hard to narrow down my choices… There are some new graphic tanks and tees, semi fitted tanks, the bubble tanks, of course, and several more options in the Activewear top section!

Old Navy Activewear Tops

For the Activewear bottoms I am LOVING the colored tops on the fold over capris! The bright pop of color is an exciting addition to the run of the mill workout outfit!

Old Navy 1

I shared my other Old Navy sampling coupon with my sister in law, Stephanie. She too chose a Mesh Bubble Tank, hers is the Electric Neon color and a pair of the fold over yoga capris. In her words, she is in LOVE with the capris and loves that the bubble tank can hide any belly flubber! 😉

Steph Old Navy

As you can see we both chose basically the same outfit just in different colors. Stephenie is a super skinny thing while I’m 8 months preggo and the same outfit can definitely work with either body type! So yay Old Navy for making versatile Activewear!!!

Your turn: What is your go to workout outfit? What was/is your go to workout while pregnant?


  1. Cute!!! How are you already 8 months?! Time sure has flown by, hasn’t it?!

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      It seems like it’s taking forever during the time, but when you look back it really has gone by pretty fast… But then again, look whose talking lady with a weeks old baby girl!!!! haha.

  2. Very cute! Wow, you’re already 8 months along…where did the time go?
    Oh, how I miss shopping at Old Navy! Love their stuff! xxx

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