WIWW – Little Black Dress

Wow. It’s been AGES since I shared a What I Wore Wednesday… Lame, right. Ah, well… Life happens, and I wear the same old stuff over and over since I work and mommy from home these days. haha. BUT I do have a brand new, lovely little black dress I’d love to share with you! 😉

eShakti_Dress_Review_by_Truly_Lovely_Blog (2)

I was approached several months ago by eShakti to review one of their dresses. It took me FOREVER to narrow down to my favorite three choices because they have SO many beautiful dresses to choose from! My initial purpose for the dress was to wear while photographing weddings. I wanted something simple, elegant and comfortable. I chose my top three and then put it to my social media buddies to help me out… Which dress I asked?

eShakti_Dress_Review_by_Truly_Lovely_Blog (4)

My online friends did not disappoint! With their help I decided on the first dress, of course. My reasoning being it was a simple, pretty black dress. I liked the shape, but it also has the pretty pop of color around the neckline. Because I wear my camera strap around my neck I tend to ditch the necklaces during weddings anyway, win-win!

eShakti_Dress_Review_by_Truly_Lovely_Blog (3)

The eShakti website was awesome! First you choose your dress. Then you can really make it your own by entering your exact measurements, if you have them. I just went with a generic size and it fits perfect, FYI. Then you choose length of your hem, sleeve type, etc. You really get a dress that is made just the way YOU want it!

My dress has a below the knee length hem, cap sleeves and POCKETS! What photographer doesn’t love pockets!!! Coincidentally, the fit and style of this dress makes it the perfect modest, but fun dress to wear to church! The pockets come in handy there too for the little nick-knacks Klara needs!

eShakti_Dress_Review_by_Truly_Lovely_Blog (1)

My overall experience with eShakti is two thumbs up!!! I WILL be ordering from them again soon! You can find more from eShakti on their ,  &  pages.

What about you? What’s your perfect dress look like? Where would you wear it??

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Disclosure: I received the dress complimentary from eShakti in exchange for my online review. As always opinions expressed here are 100% my own!

WIWW – Old Navy ActiveWear During Pregnancy

Staying active while pregnant is incredibly important. Sure, the types of activities and exercises you can do while expecting are limited, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay active long into the third trimester! During the early months of my pregnancy I stayed active by running on the treadmill, even ‘training’ for and running in The Color Run 5K. Later on when running became more cumbersome than it was worth I’ve really focused on walking. I try to go for a walk every day, even if it’s just down to the horse pens (behind my house) and back.

Thanks to Old Navy and Crowdtap I even have a cute maternity friendly workout outfit now! Old Navy Activewear is my go to for fashionable workout attire. Even while pregnant the new additions to their Activewear line are flattering and comfortable!

Old Navy Activewear Review

For this sample and share from Old Navy via Crowdtap I chose one of their brand new Mesh Bubble Tanks in the Carbon color. I love that it has the bubble bottom which allows for plenty of room for my growing baby bump! The racer back styling makes it cool and comfortable for the hot Arizona heat. And the mesh fabric is breathable and comfortable against your skin!

Old Navy Activewear

For the bottoms I chose the Old Navy Fold Over Yoga Capris. The fold over waste can easily be worn underneath my pregnant stomach comfortably, the loser fit (as opposed to the tighter compression capris) allows for more leg room (and thigh room, and bum room…) And they pair really well with the bubble top for a fun workout outfit!

This round of Old Navy Activewear has some fun new options so it was hard to narrow down my choices… There are some new graphic tanks and tees, semi fitted tanks, the bubble tanks, of course, and several more options in the Activewear top section!

Old Navy Activewear Tops

For the Activewear bottoms I am LOVING the colored tops on the fold over capris! The bright pop of color is an exciting addition to the run of the mill workout outfit!

Old Navy 1

I shared my other Old Navy sampling coupon with my sister in law, Stephanie. She too chose a Mesh Bubble Tank, hers is the Electric Neon color and a pair of the fold over yoga capris. In her words, she is in LOVE with the capris and loves that the bubble tank can hide any belly flubber! 😉

Steph Old Navy

As you can see we both chose basically the same outfit just in different colors. Stephenie is a super skinny thing while I’m 8 months preggo and the same outfit can definitely work with either body type! So yay Old Navy for making versatile Activewear!!!

Your turn: What is your go to workout outfit? What was/is your go to workout while pregnant?

Just a litte vent… Or two…

Hey there friends. Today I am coming to you with two very serious topics… The first… Why is there NOT a pregnancy section in each and every pharmacy!?! And the second… Why is it so hard to find maternity pants in a longer length!?!

OK, so maybe neither of those are that serious of a topic, but to preggo ladies with a cold or long legs it can be a dire situation. 😉 At least it was for me… Fairly early on in my pregnancy I received the flu shot, I know that can be a touchy subject with people, but my doctor recommended it, I’ve had the flu before and did not like it, so I chose to get the shot. Shortly thereafter the hubs caught a nasty flu/cold thing and honestly I wasn’t too worried. I just got the shot, I was feeling pretty good, so I just held out that I wouldn’t catch it.


20 week baby bump

But catch it I did… Ugh. I was tired, achy, had a horrible cough… My doctor gave me a list of medicines that are approved during pregnancy so armed with that list and a little internet research Nate and I headed to the pharmacy in town. I am not even kidding when I say we could not find a single thing that exactly matched the medicines on the list from my doctor. We finally found one thing that was fairly similar, so I took it to the pharmacist and asked if it was ok for pregnancy… He HAD TO LOOK IT UP! He had no idea… Then he tells me that it’s a level such on such on a level of something or other, which basically meant that yeah, it MIGHT be ok…

22 weeks

22 weeks baby bump

Such a pain in the neck! #firstworldproblems I don’t understand why there isn’t at least a small section especially designated for pregnant women at every pharmacy. Ok, I get that some doctors recommend certain medicines that others do not… So it might be hard to get a comprehensive list of items recommended, but there has to be an easier way to get a little cold relief while pregnant! Am I right!?! In the end I found some cough drops, drank a lot of fluids and basically slept for two days straight to feel better… and I finally did so take that for what it’s worth… haha.

{Please don’t take any of this too seriously… I don’t mean to offend anyone, it’s mostly the hormones talking… 😉}

Which brings me to my second vent… I’ve always been a long legged gal… I’ve had trouble finding jeans long enough for my legs as long as I can remember. BUT it’s completely doable. Maternity jeans on the other hand are a completely different issue!!! First of all, I put a plea out on twitter for someone to recommend some longer maternity jeans. I had a few good recommendations to check out. At least one person asked if I really needed jeans in the summer. In Arizona no less. And the answer to that is yes. With our lifestyle I wear boots a lot. My husband ropes a lot. Most of the time I need at least one pair of jeans to get me through just one weekend! So I was on the quest for one pair of long maternity jeans.

27 weeks

27 week baby bump

Long story short I FINALLY found some (shown in the photo above)!!! I looked online for days… I asked around. Finally I found on amazon.com and decided I’d give them a try {FYI, that’s not an affiliate link or anything, I just like the jeans and wanted to share}. They were the longest inseam I could find (34.5) that weren’t over $100 for one pair of maternity jeans. Seriously! I won’t pay that much for a pair I’ll wear out much less a pair that I’ll only wear for the next three months!!! I normally wear a 36 or even 38 inch inseam, in case you were wondering. When they arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find that the 34.5 inches was plenty long enough! Even with boots! Happy day! But come on, there have to be more long legged ladies out there looking for longer maternity jeans, yes?? #preggoproblems

So what about you? Did/do you have any random vents associated with pregnancy??

{Again, please don’t take this as me being unhappy with being pregnant!! I am thrilled to be carrying my baby girl and experiencing everything that goes along with it. This is just a stab at a little preggo humor!}

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WIWW: Old Navy Women’s Best Tees

Happy Wednesday friends! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a WIWW post… My preggo outfits lately consist of about four different bottoms these days and just various shirts. The bottoms are a pair of jeans, a pair of capris, some bermuda shorts and a pair of shorts. Every once in awhile I might wear a skirt… Rarely though. haha. Since my bottoms are pretty stagnant, it was the perfect time to add some new shirts to the mix to amp up the old wardrobe!

Enter Old Navy Women’s Best Tees! I received a coupon for two free tees for me and two for a friend via Crowdtap. Naturally I shared the other coupon with my sister, Kayli. We even got to shop at Old Navy together this time around while we were in town for the George Strait concert!

There were so many colors and styles to choose from. In the photo below I’m browsing the section of Perfect tees {at 25 weeks preggo in case you were wondering… ;)}. I ended up choosing a blue Perfect Tee and a grey Vintage tee.


Kayli, shown below browsing the Vintage tee section, chose a Perfect tee and Vintage tee as well.


All of the best tees are made of the softest fabric. There aren’t any tags in the back, they’re just printed inside underneath the back collar. I don’t know about you, but I hate tags that rub my neck, so this was a HUGE plus!

I got the hubs to take some photos of me wearing my medium grey colored Vintage tee last week. Not sure what smile I’m working with there… haha. But these were when the baby bump was in between 25 and 26 weeks.

Old Navy Best Tees

Then on Sunday I wore my blue (called Royal Rowena on the website) perfect tee to do a family photo shoot. It was the perfect shirt for an afternoon of shooting photos outside… I was comfortable, not too hot, and the shirt, just a size large fits nicely over my baby bump at 26 weeks and a couple days. {If you wanna see a few of the photos I took, check out my .}

Old Navy Womens Tees

And here’s Kayli in her olive green Vintage tee.

Here she’s wearing her Apple of My Eye red Perfect Crew Tee. Kayli’s thoughts on her new Old Navy tees -> She purchased the v-neck shirt in a smaller size than the perfect tee and decided that was a good call. Both shirts don’t stretch out much like some t-shirts will, so she was impressed with that. Also, she feels like they are nice enough to go out in but comfy enough to play in. :)

Your turn: Did/Do you have a sort of uniform while pregnant? Mine is tees and comfy denim bottoms for the most part…

OH! And while I was browsing the Old Navy website for links to our new shirts I discovered that all of the Old Navy Best Tees are on SALE right now! Wouldn’t want you to miss that! 😉

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Preggo Update and WIWW

Hey there friends! How’s your week so far??

I thought it was about time I provided a little preggo update, to catch up anyone that might be interested and so that I can look back and remember someday. 😉 So as of right now I am at the end of week 19. Week 20 begins tomorrow and that means we are HALF way! It feels like it’s taking forever. I know some people say it flies by and maybe it will on the downhill side, but right now it’s dragging!!!

Since 16 weeks I’ve done pretty good about taking belly shots. Nothing super cute or fun, just shots of me in the mirror, so I have something to see how much baby grows from week to week.

Below is 16 weeks on the left, then 17 on the right.

At 16 weeks Nate and I went in for a sonogram. The doctor had told me early on that baby looked small, so they scheduled a sonogram just to check in and make sure all was ok… Granted, the sono didn’t take place until WEEKS after the doctor told me that… So either by then baby had decided to grow, or the doctor was just being overly cautious, because everything looked good. While we were there we also got to see what we’re going to have!!! :) More on that in a later post…

I have been incredibly lucky… at least that’s what everyone tells me. 😉 I haven’t had ANY morning sickness. I did have a spell there in the first trimester where if I didn’t eat as soon as I felt hungry I would start to feel sick. I was crazy tired there for a long time, but that seems to have let up some now. My mantra there for awhile was, ‘Yep, it’s after 8 PM… totally acceptable to get in bed now!‘ And then, there’s been the laziness. I have never been more lazy in my life! Folding clothes? Doing dishes? Eh, it can wait. haha. But that too has started to wear off a bit. I’ve actually even done a craft for baby this last week! Watch for a post on that sometime soon.

As you can see in my 18 weeks photo above, I have been wearing a LOT of t-shirts and either workout or sweat pants. I work from home, I am starting to get uncomfortable in normal clothes, so comfy clothes it is! My friend, Meghan who just had her little boy (mine and Nate’s godson!!!) in October, brought me a whole bag of maternity clothes. Some shorts and bermuda shorts, a belly band thing, and several shirts! Hopefully with the ones I got from Meg and working with what I already have I won’t really have to buy any maternity clothes. *fingers crossed!

Below is my 19 week photo. That was the first day I tried out the belly band (similar one found here). It’s one of those things that looks like a tube top, but you pull it up over your unbuttoned and/or unzipped pants to keep wearing your normal bottoms awhile longer. It took some getting used to at first, but I love that I can wear my normal clothes a bit further into pregnancy!

So tell me friends, what pregnancy symptoms did you experience?? How long did you make it before turning to maternity clothes??

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WIWW: No nonsense Tights and Leggings

This post brought to you by No nonsense. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey there lovelies, time for another What I Wore Wednesday! This week’s clothing item of choice… Tights and leggings! Specifically No nonsense tights and leggings!

I actually shared a photo on of me wearing leggings the other day because honestly… I’m NOT a leggings wearing kind of girl. I didn’t own a single pear of leggings until this lovely pair of black corduroy No nonsense leggings.

black tights outfit

I was quite impressed to say the least. This one pair of leggings completely changed the look of this outfit. I normally wear that brown top with jeans but I think it’s meant to be worn with leggings… It’s just too long to look completely right with jeans. The leggings were SO comfortable. They were thick and warm for this cool winter weather we’ve been having… Needless to say turns out maybe I am a leggings wearing kind of girl! Who’d have thought!?!

Then take these brown No nonsense tights. I don’t wear dresses very often normally, but especially during the winter months. It’s just too cold. BUT with these tights I can wear dresses all year long if I want to.

No nonsense tights outfit

So basically what it comes down to is that I received a pair of leggings and a pair of tights. Only two items. BUT those two items have insanely expanded my normal wardrobe!!! Nice, right?!

No nonsense tights and leggings can both be found at food and drug stores or even at your nearest mass outlet retailer. You know what that means for you?! For a crazy afforable price you can easily find and purchase tights and leggings to help YOU expand your wardrobe!

To find more fun outfit ideas incorporating No nonsense leggings and tights be sure to like No nonsense on Facebook and follow them on . Or… You’ve heard of Jill Martin, yes?! She’s the author of the New York Times best selling guide, “I Have Nothing To Wear” and a correspondant for Access Hollywood. Well, she’s teaming up with No nonsense to help women, especially like me (the no leggings/tights wearing kind) ;), figure out how to wear colorful tights and leggings with style! For more information be sure to watch this short video.

Happy shopping lovelies!!

WIWW – Old Navy Activewear

So let’s be honest… How many of us, especially those of us that stay at home, either SAHM or work from home don’t actually get dressed very often during the week. My excuse is I work from home so I never really see anyone… Plus I actually work out more now that I have the time.
BUT!!! Who’s to say those work out clothes can’t be cute?! They absolutely can! Especially if you’re wearing the new Activewear from Old Navy!

Thanks to Crowdtap and Old Navy’s newest Activewear Sampling campaign I was able to choose a brand new, cute workout outfit!
My sister in law got to choose one as well! Since we did the whole shop via the telephone thing with my last Crowdtap campaign and it worked, we decided to do it again!

Old Navy Crowdtap Campaign

I chose the North Beach Neon Active Compression Jacket and the Wide Leg Yoga Capris. Stephenie, my sister in law, chose the Active Go Dry Running Top in Retro Violet and the Active Compression Pants.

So I was a little bit lamer with my selection this time around… Instead of debating and finally deciding on a choice, I took my cue from the Old Navy mannequins. That’s what they’re there for, right?! To give you cute outfit ideas???

As you can see my outfit choice is clearly twins with the mannequin on the right… :) I love how my jacket has the little thumb holes so you can keep your hands semi warm while exercising. And I LOVE my capris. So comfy, but they don’t look slouchy like sweats would.

Stephenie was impressed that the compression pants were actually slimming. You know how things often claim to be slimming, but then you don’t really feel or look slimmer? Well the compression pants actually are slimming!
She was also more selective with her choice… She debated a few other looks before settling on the one she chose. It of course, looks awesome, but look at how many other outfits you could put together with Old Navy Activewear!

in the Old Navy store

Now it’s your turn! What do you wear to work out? Do you have a cute go to outfit or are you more of a sweats and t-shirt girl??
Don’t worry, I have both options now, so I won’t judge! 😉

Disclosure: I received two outfit coupons in exchange for this post via Old Navy and Crowdtap. As always opinions shared are 100% my own!

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WIWW – Sweater Dress from Old Navy

Hi there dolls!

I haven’t done a What I Wore Wednesday in quite a while… This working from home thing has really taken a toll on my every day style… Good news is I’ve been working out more, but the bad news is I wear a lot of work out clothes and sweats versus actually dressing up everyday. Oops. 😉

So for this week’s WIWW, I figured it was time to really get dressed up! The weather is finally getting cooler here in AZ… Not much cooler mind you, but cooler than it has been, so for the CrowdTap and Old Navy Spice up Your Style campaign I chose a pretty striped sweater dress.

Crowdtap campaign

I’ve got to say I’m pleasantly surprised with how much I like my sweater dress. I’ve never owned one before so I was a bit afraid it would be itchy, uncomfortable and unflattering, but I discovered the exact opposite. Paired with some fun tights and my tall fall boots this dress makes a cute but cozy fall/winter outfit!

sweater dress and riding boots

I added the black belt to give the dress a little more shape.
So, what do you think??

With the campaign I received two dress coupons. This time I gave the other one to my sister in law, Stephanie.
Here she is rocking the dress she chose! Too fun, right!?!

{Pardon the cell phone pic…} She lives several hours away from me, but we still wanted to shop together, so we did… via phone and picture messaging…
Have you ever shopped with a friend miles away via phone…? It’s kind of fun! 😉

Have you tried any of Old Navy’s new dresses?
What’s your favorite style?

Fall outfit from Old Navy

Happy shopping lovelies!

Disclosure: I received two dress coupons in exchange for this post via Old Navy and Crowdtap. As always opinions shared are 100% my own!

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WIW – New Glasses from Firmoo

So I know in my last What I Wore I promised outfits from my birthday…which I’ll post soon, I promise!
But this week I am excited to share my new eyeglasses with you!

I haven’t purchased new eyeglasses in years. Contacts, yes… but glasses, I can’t even remember when I got the ones I have now.
So when I was asked to review a pair of glasses from Firmoo I was ecstatic to choose my first new pair in a really long time!

I’ve worn glasses since I was in the 5th grade, so needless to say I’ve tried out my share of spectacles. But honestly I was pleasantly impressed with the Firmoo website. They have a Virtual Try-On tool where you can load a photo of yourself, choose your pupils (so it knows where to put the glasses) and see how you’d look in any pair of glasses on the site! There’s even a compare feature where you can narrow it down to your three favorite pairs and then decide which of the three you like best!

If you’re having trouble deciding, Firmoo allows you to share your top picks with friends so they can then share their opinion!
Now that is good shopping experience!
You can see my top three picks above. I ended up going with the ones on the far left only in black instead of red.
What do you think?

One of the reasons this is my first pair of new eyeglasses in years? Glasses are expensive! BUT Firmoo has a First Time Buyers program where you can get your first pair of eyeglasses through them, for FREE! All you have to pay is shipping!
Not bad eh!? Your free pair will come with a stylish case, a tool kit for repairing your glasses if need be and a fun Firmoo pouch (like in the top photo, above).
Pretty sweet deal, I say!

Your turn: Do you wear eyeglasses? For how long?

Happy shopping lovelies!!!

Disclosure: I was sent a pair of eyeglasses from Firmoo in exchange for my review. As always my opinions are 100% my own.

What I Wore – Now I get it!

I am LOVING being able to work from home! I can get dinner ready, clean house, do my chores during my downtime…
I’ve also been able to fit in a workout three times a week. :)
It’s all great, except for the toll it’s taking on my WIW photo material.

Now, I really get why WIW was created. It’s hard when you’re at home, nobody but close family is going to even see you for the most part… Definitely not a recipe for getting dressed up, know what I’m saying… ?
Then throw in the fact that you dress in workout clothes because you actually workout now… 😉

Point being… Not a whole lot of WIW pictures this week.

wiww post

I put this outfit on about two in the afternoon one day because the hubs was going to go with me to get groceries when he got home.
1) The hubs was ACTUALLY going with me for groceries… that deserves at least some effort to look good on my part. 😉
2)  I hadn’t worn this shirt yet, so I thought a few hours in the afternoon would be a good test run.
3) I have taken ZERO WIWW pictures in weeks…

In other words, a decent outfit had to be done. Thank you WIWW. I get it now. 😉

Now, I could fib and say I wore this outfit a few days ago… And in fact, I very well may have.

t-shirt and jeans outfit

I wear something similar to this more days of the week then I care to admit. But these pictures specifically were taken in… March. That’s right, nearly six months ago.
I know it’s not a very good comparison to the top photo, but I share it because I HAVE really been working out. Can you tell at all?
I’m five weeks into the Couch 2 5K and I’m at that point where I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth it. Deep down I know it is… But it’s just now really getting hard.

What do you do for motivation when something starts to get harder and you worry about giving up?

AND how do you encourage yourself to get dressed up, even on those days when it seems pointless?

FYI: My birthday is TOMORROW! I hope you’ll come back by to enter my Big Birthday Bash Giveaway! 😉
And hopefully I’ll have a few more WIW photos share from my birthday week next time.

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