A Brand New Baby

Did that title catch your attention? 😉 No worries, Klara is still an only child for the time being, BUT she does have a brand new baby cousin! The first week of March my brother, Brent, and sister in law, Jessie, had their first child… a sweet little cowboy they named Grady. Things just happened to work out where my dad was at my house so Klara and I took him to the hospital, in another town a few hours away, to meet his new grandson. My mom was already there.

After HOURS, literally, of waiting…


Papa (my dad) and Klara were getting impatient…

We finally got to meet the newest member of our family! Being able to see my brother’s face when he came out to announce that his baby boy had arrived was worth all the waiting and then some!

Jessie and Brent did a good job! Mister Grady is the cutest!!!


Klara was too cute! She leaned over to check him out and started waving. They will grow up almost exactly 8 months apart. I’m so excited to watch the relationship between them develop and grow. My mom can’t wait to have two grandkids so close in age to visit and entertain.

Nana and Papa with their two youngest grandchildren

Nana and Papa with their two youngest grandchildren


Little mister Grady is blessed to have loving family on both sides. (Shown above with his other grandma.)

It’s an amazing thing to watch your little brother become a daddy. When everyone around you, including yourself, has grown up, gotten married, started a family… it’s incredible how life changes. For the better of course.


  1. What a cutie pie! There’s nothing quite like a new baby! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      He really is the cutest!!!! I agree, it’s one of the most beautiful experiences there is!!!

  2. oh my gosh how fun! your little girl looking at her cousin is just adorable! babies looking at other babies, what do they think of each other? how sweet for your family!

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      So fun, isn’t it! It’s exciting to think maybe they remember each other from Heaven before they came to earth… Weird maybe. But I think it’s cute. haha.

  3. Sooo cute!! Congrats, aunty!!


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