Kayli’s 20 Wishes- March Progress

March already! Here’s my progress.

My February updates are in pink.

My March updates are in green.

We hope you’ll join in by linking up your own list of wishes.

1. Buy a pair of TOMS.

2. Take a cake decorating or chocolatier class. Or both.

3. Get a pink or purple streak in my hair.

4. Go to Julienne Jewelery.

5. Reread Harry Potter.

6. Donate Blood.

I did it! Our campus was doing a blood drive last week and I walked by the bus a million times before I talked myself into it. It was a super cool experience though. The people on the sidewalk cheered for me when I told them I wanted to donate, and then the people on the bus were INCREDIBLY nice. They were playing good music, I got to just sit and hang out, it was pretty painless, and then they gave me a Gatorade, a bag of chips, and a t-shirt. One of my best friends, Sonia, met me outside of the bus with a muffin. I felt like a champ all day. haha

7. Switch my phone to Spanish for a full week.

8. Pay for a stranger’s order in the drive-thru.

9. Try archery.

10. Paint something. Anything!

11. Upgrade my phone.

12. Go out frequently with the girls, specifically to a Karaoke night at some point.

Doing good! No karaoke yet but we’ve done dinner a couple of times so we’re getting somewhere! :)

13. UPDATE: Go to General Conference in Salt Lake City. (I kind of like where I live. You can see the wish I replaced here.)

14. Read The Complete Sherlock Holmes.

Started this! Hopefully I’ll finish it by summer!

15. Go to Graham’s.

16. Do the Color Run Kaleidoscope Tour.

Did this! We went in January and it was a blast! (As always)

Katie and I Color Run

Katie left, Me right
We party hard.

17. Set up and go on at least one double date. They’re so fun!

I went on a double earlier this month and it was awesome. Seriously though. But I’ll leave this uncrossed for now.

18. Start a letter album for Klara.

19. Finish my quilt top.

20. Learn how to play Poker.

So far so good!!! I hope your first month was full of progress, and if not, you still have a bit. (:



  1. Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

    You are a rock star for donating blood! I remember donating while I was in high school and you come out of there feeling like you can save the world. And it’s true… maybe not the whole world today, but you helped save someone. 😉

  2. Great job donating blood! I wish more people would do it and it’s on my list to get back to doing it again too!

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