Vinyl Mailbox Numbers

Seems like whenever a new year rolls around everyone jumps right into organizing, cleaning, resolutions, goals and the lot. Well… I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. 
I finally tackled one of those pesky little things that keeps getting moved down my to do list, you know the kind that they really ought to be done, but there’s always something else that needs done first… 

Adding numbers to our mailbox!

We’ve lived in our new home since May, but I barely got around to fixing up the mailbox in early December. 
Maybe it was the UPS man saying, “There’s no numbers on your mailbox, wasn’t sure where to go.” 
We can’t have THAT now can we!!! I don’t know about you guys, but hearing UPS pull into the drive ALWAYS makes me happy! 😉
It was the New Years push that did it too… 
Felt like I needed to mark something off that list BEFORE 2012. So I did! 

I purchased some of the Premium Outdoor Vinyl from Silhouette America over their Thanksgiving sale. Then cut our house number and last name into the vinyl and used transfer paper to get it cleanly onto the mailbox. 

Yeah… we live on a dirt road. Awesome, right?! Ugh… 
For the most part I don’t mind I guess, except EVERYTHING is ALWAYS dusty!!!

Both sides are the same. Nice bright white house numbers! 
It’s been over a month and seems to be holding up nicely.
And now the UPS man can easily find my home!!!
Whew… I was worried there for a minute. 😉

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  1. A Mother and A Daughter says:

    I love the large numbers with your name in smaller letters and the black mailbox with the white numbers and letters! It looks great! May need to do this one myself! ~ Barbara

  2. you are making me love vinyl more and more each day.. i wonder if my criket that i have can cut that stuff. something i'm going to have to look into…

  3. This has been on my to-do list since I got my cricut last September. It seems so important and cute at the time, then 4 months have gone by. Yours looks so great I think I just might nudge this one up to the to top of the priorities.

  4. Brassy Apple says:

    so easy yet so effective! thanks for sharing on Make it Monday! I just shared your post on the Brassy Apple FB page :)

    also – remind me where you live – just noticed no grass in the photos :)

  5. Jerri Rivers says:

    It looks great! And I have to say, I love that mailbox post!

  6. i love it!!! looks great:) i love the log your mail box is on!!

  7. Very nice! This reminds me that I came up with a design for ours right after we moved into our house over 2 years ago. Ooops…I have to get on that!

  8. Laurel @ Ducks in a Row says:

    Who doesn't love a little January organization?! Love the mailbox!

  9. Hani@Craftionary says:

    I LOVE IT Kassi.. Thanks for sharing!

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