What I Wore

Hey dolls! Haven’t done a WIW (What I Wore) post lately, so here’s what I’ve been wearing throughout the last month or so… I always feel so weird taking these pictures, but for the sake of the blog…. 😉

I wore this to the Diamond Rio concert we went to back in March.
Jeans – Cruel girl, Top – Old Navy, White Cardigan – Old Navy
Boots –  NRS doesn’t carry them anymore it looks like, but you can get them here.
(Which you can’t even really see in the picture…)

Did you notice my white and purple crackle nails?? My mom got the white . I love them! The mum ring is a giveaway win from !

I’ve been trying to do better at keeping my nails painted pretty and changing up my hair… I went for a sort of side bun here with a headband.

Blue shirt – Overstock.com, Shine Necklace

I say that then there’s no nail polish in that one… Oops. 😉 So what do you think?
The cardigan was on sale, so I talked myself into it… Something I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise probably… Keeper?
And the side bun?? I think I like it with the headband?

Linking this to these fun parties. Hope to see you there!

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  1. The cardigan looks comfy! I have to keep my nails painted otherwise I bite them like crazy. Right now, there are polka dots :)

    • I’m the same way! Polka dots?? CUTE! Would love to see! Mine are chrome with a pink accent nail right now! haha!

  2. You look great my friend!

  3. The side bun looks cute! And your nails are super cute! I’ve been trying to be better about keeping mine painted… but then i’ll bite them and chip the paint bah. hope you have a great wednesday!

    • Mine always seem to chip super fast! Guess I’m hard on them…. Have a great rest of the week!!!

  4. Katherine says:

    That blue shirt looks AMAZING on you, the first one. Maybe it’s turquoise? Love it :)

  5. Super cute outfit. LOVE your nails.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  6. I love the cardigan! But, I’m kind of cardigan-obsessed. I’m going to be so sad when it’s too hot to wear them :)

  7. cute outfits and that mum ring is so cute:))) love it with your nails!

  8. You look great! LOVE the sidebun!

  9. Sidebun is adorable! And about the nails, did your polish come from Avon by any chance? They have some like that and I have considered trying it.

    • Thanks Kendra! It IS from Avon! My mom got it for me! I think they have black or white to choose from. :)

  10. I LOVE the side bun! Right now my hair isn’t long enough but i CAN’T wait until it is so I can do that too!!!!! I also want to get some scarves to wear in my hair too! I”M OBSESSED with that look!!!

    • Ooh scarves are a fun idea!! I’ll have to try that look sometime soon! Thanks for stopping by today Kelly!!!

  11. Hello cute nails and ring! And you totally rock that side bun! Love that color blue on you too. Thanks for linking up friend!


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