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2014 Twenty Wishes Link Up & Giveaway

It’s FINALLY here!!! Time to link up and share your Twenty Wishes for 2014!!! You can read more on why we started this project back in 2013 here, but the gist is that life is too short. Too short to not really strive for those things you really wish to do or wish would happen. SO this year we’re all going to make a real effort to mark those wishes off our lists!

First you’ll write and then link up your list of Twenty Wishes here. In doing so you’re entered in this month’s giveaway! (There will be a new one each month.) Then you’ll work on those wishes throughout this year coming back here the last Wednesday of every month to link up and share your progress.

Here’s a button to add to your side bar to remind you to come back and link monthly, and to serve as a little encouragement to work on marking off your wishes!!

Truly Lovely


This year we are doing things a little differently. Mostly in an effort to be more organized than last year… But again, the link up will be the last Wednesday of every month. Each month one or two of our ten hostesses will offer a little something as a giveaway for those that link with us. So, allow me to introduce your hostesses for the 2014 Twenty Wishes project…

Kassi & Kayli @ Truly Lovely
Nay @ Coffee-N-Ink
Kate @ Life as I Know It


For this month’s giveaway Jessa of Life of a Sports Wife is giving away from her shop, !! We aren’t requiring you to follow anyone, the only mandatory entry is linking up to this party with your list of 20 wishes. BUT the more you do the more entries you’ll receive and I can personally promise you if you do follow, like, etc and of these awesome ladies you WILL NOT be disappointed!
So, link your wishes and enter the giveaway through the Rafflecopter form below! The giveaway will end at midnight on February 12th. Can’t wait to see what you lovelies wish for!!!

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Kayli’s Twenty Wishes – 2014

We’re here! 2014! Here’s my new list (with a few wishes that didn’t get completed in 2013.)

We hope you’ll join TOMORROW by linking up your own list of wishes.

1. Buy a pair of TOMS.

2. Take a cake decorating or chocolatier class. Or both.

3. Get a pink or purple streak in my hair.

4. Go to Julienne Jewelery.

5. Reread Harry Potter.

6. Donate Blood.

7. Switch my phone to Spanish for a full week.

8. Pay for a stranger’s order in the drive-thru.

9. Try archery.

10. Paint something. Anything!

11. Upgrade my phone.

12. Go to a Karaoke night with the girls.

13. Move. Either to a new apartment or into a house.

14. Read The Complete Sherlock Holmes.

15. Go to Graham’s.

16. Do the Color Run Kaleidoscope Tour.

17. Set up and go on at least one double date. They’re so fun!

18. Start a letter album for Klara.

19. Finish my quilt top.

20. Learn how to play Poker.

There there are! Hopefully this year will be more successful than the last!


Kassi’s Twenty Wishes – 2014

So, round two of our Twenty Wishes Project here on Truly Lovely! We want to invite you to join us by writing up your 20 wishes list and coming back here on Wednesday, January 29th to link it up with us! If you followed along with my list from 2013 you’ll notice there are a few carry overs. There are a few moved over from my 30 Before 30 list that I plan to really focus on this year AND there are also some brand new wishes!

Kassi’s Twenty Wishes List for 2014

1. Visit Disneyland with my little family.

2. Paint my master bedroom.

3. Plant an upside down Mulberry tree somewhere at my house.

4. Visit Build a Bear and build a bear for Klara.


5. Send a handwritten letter, note or card to someone via snail mail once a month.

6. Save for and buy myself a tablet of some kind. Maybe an iPad or a Surface. I’ve always wanted one… 😉

7. Complete my reading goal of 55 books in 2014.


2014 Reading Challenge

Kassi has
read 1 book toward her goal of 55 books.



8. Host and/or  participate in a Google + Hangout with some bloggie friends.

9. Have the carpet in my house professionally cleaned. I know this sounds like an ought to do versus a want, but I ought to clean the carpets myself… I WANT to have someone else do it!! haha

10. Make over my guest bathroom.

11. Take Klara to The Color Run for her “second” time. Technically last year she was just riding in mommy’s tummy. This year I plan to take her in her stroller!

12. Get a front screen door for my house.

13. Get together monthly with at least one friend. Dinner, shopping trip, lunch, etc.

14. Visit here in Safford. I’ve wanted to go since they opened, but haven’t ever made it since it’s across town!


15. Figure out a system for organizing and saving the baby clothes and items that Klara has outgrown.

16. Get tickets for and attend the 2014 National Finals Rodeo.

17. Build a container garden of some sort for my backyard.

18. Pay off my credit card. I’m SO close!!! I’m sure I can have it all paid off by the end of this year.

19. Take a photography class or workshop.

20. Throw a surprise party for someone.

Well, there you have it! My 20 wishes for 2014! Again, don’t forget to get your list written and come back here on Wednesday to link it up with us!!!

Fancy This Fridays #161 and Features

Happy Friday lovelies!!! This weekend we’re doing The Color Run, so I am excited to wrap this week up a little early this afternoon and head to the registration party! 😉

Don’t forget that next week is the launch of our 2014 Twenty Wishes Project, so get those lists of 20 wishes written to link with us on Wednesday!

Now, onto the features from Fancy This 160!!

First up, Stephanie of Two More Minutes shares How to Make Your Own Indoor Snowman!!! This would be perfect for here in AZ… We don’t see a whole lot of snow in the desert… 😉

Indoor Snowman

Next up, these Bear Shaped Cookies from Krystle of Baking Beauty are SO stinking cute!!! Any kiddo would love these!

Bear Shaped Cookies

And finally, you’ve got to see the before and afters of this Chevron Pantry Makeover from Michele at Neat Little Nest! It really turned out great!!!

Chevron Pantry Makeover

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Hope you have a safe and fun weekend!!!


Easiest Dinners Ever!!! #Manwich

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Manwich. All opinions are 100% mine.

Dinner. The most important meal of the day as far as family time goes. Every morning my husband is up and gone for work too early to enjoy breakfast with me and our daughter. Lunch, he’s still at work. So dinner is our time to sit together and recap our day as a family. I don’t know about you, but when my time with my entire family is limited like that I prefer to spend it enjoying them versus slaving in the kitchen to make dinner. That’s why my family loves Manwich!!

Manwich, in my opinion, has to be one of the easiest, quickest meals ever and my family loves it! All you need is one pound of hamburger, some buns and a can of your favorite Manwich flavor!

Easy dinner idea

I was sent three kinds of Manwich to sample with my family. Manwich Bold Sloppy Joe Sauce, Manwich Thick & Chunky Sloppy Joe Sauce and Manwich Original Sloppy Joe Sauce. My favorite was the Bold Sauce since I am a fan of bolder flavors while my husband preferred the Thick & Chunky sauce. But really, you can’t go wrong with any of the three flavors!

Manwich Flavors

Our favorite Manwich recipe is the tried and true sloppy joe! Again, a can of Manwich, a pound of hamburger and a bun. We also like to top ours with a slice of cheese. Serve it up with beans as a side dish and you have an easy, delicious comfort food dinner!

Manwich Comfort Food Dinner

If the traditional sloppy joe just isn’t your style, you can check out this site for tons of fun Manwich Recipes! Or check out other fun Manwich happenings and fun commercials at the Manwich TV Ads website!

Your turn: What’s your favorite quick and easy dinner recipe??

Fancy This #160 and Features

Happy Friday peeps!!! :) I don’t know about you, but this has been a long week for me. My girl is teething, she had her six month check up and shots. Work has been busy… it goes on and on! SO SO glad it’s Friday!!!

In case you missed it we’re hosting a GIVEAWAY for a $20 Amazon gift card from our friend, Steph at A Time for Seasons. She also shared her trick for getting her picky eater to eat dinner! I shared my embarrassing at the time, but hilariously funny now mommy moment… It involves baby poo in the airport, if you’re interested…. haha!!

Which brings us to Friday and the features from Fancy This #159!!

First up, Mandy of Sugar Bee Crafts shows us how to make your very own fancy photo frames!!! You won’t believe what she used!!!


Next, learn how to make your own door sign out of a small canvas from Rhonda of Feet Grounded on the Earth. It even coordinates with her front porch blanket!

canvas front door sign

And finally, these Almond Fudge Valentines Cookies from Kathy of Sparkles and a Stove sound delicious!!! And they’re pretty! 😉


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Truly Lovely


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Baby Poo at the Airport

Before I became a mother, I was like most naive young women… I’d see a stressed mom having a hard time wrangling her kids and think, that won’t be me. I’ll just be more organized. I’ll be prepared for anything… And then reality struck in the form of an 8lb brand new baby girl. 😉 Here’s one of those moments that I was NOT prepared for, but crack up every time I think back on it!

The middle of September was considered #weddingbonanza2013 in our house. I had two weddings on two consecutive weekends not only to attend, but to be honored as a bridesmaid for two of my good friends. The first wedding, went off without a hitch. My sweet girl slept the entire 3 hour drive, was an angel for my sister, our official wedding nanny, during the wedding and we even got an adorable family photo. 😉


The second wedding was on the beautiful island of South Padre, Texas. The trip required a three hour drive to the airport in El Paso, Tx. A flight from El Paso to Dallas. Then a three hour layover and a flight from Dallas to Brownsville followed by a thirty minute drive to the island. You guys, my husband was out of control nervous. He’s one of those types that almost has a nervous breakdown at the thought of having to speak in public. {He had to give a toast as the best man, but that’s a story for another time… ;)} He was so worried that Klara would cry and be upset on the flights and we wouldn’t be able to comfort her. You can imagine where this is going, but let me stop you right there. She was AMAZING on every single flight we took both there and on the way home. She slept or nursed the entire time and we had several people tell us they didn’t even realize there was a baby on the plane! Don’t let her daddy’s face fool you… he just didn’t want to take a photo… haha.

Klara's first flight

The real interesting part of my story happened right as we were about to board the first flight out of El Paso. We had gotten to the airport with plenty of time to spare, made it through security without a problem, had lunch, changed Klara and were standing in line ready to board the plane. We are literally being called to hand over our boarding passes and I, standing beside my sister and husband, holding Klara, start to feel a blow out coming on… Seriously. I handed over my boarding pass and started down the tunnel to the airplane thinking if I could just hurry into the bathroom I could get her changed before take off. As I’m walking down the tunnel I felt a drip. Right on the top of my foot. {I had flip flops on.} Miss Klara’s blow out was running down her pant leg!!! I had my sister hand me a wipe from the diaper bag so I could keep the rest from leaking out, ran onto the plane and asked the first flight attendant I saw for the restroom.

As quickly as I could I had to change her diaper, her entire outfit, wipe off my foot and get into my seat before we backed out of the terminal. Now if that’s not a winning mommy moment, although completely hilarious afterward, I don’t know what is… :) Needless to say I’m sure the first class passengers weren’t all that thrilled with the air in the restroom for that flight… hahaha

Your turn: What’s your favorite embarrassing mommy moment? Yours or a friend, relative, etc??

Linking this to the fun parties shared on our linky party page!


A Picky Eater Diversion and $20 Amazon Giveaway

Hey there lovelies!! Today we have a special guest post from our girl, Steph of A Time for Seasons. She’s a banner ad sponsor on Truly Lovely this month! Today she’s talking about overcoming the dreaded picky eater! She’s also sharing a $20 Amazon Gift Card giveaway!!! Take it away Steph!!!


I am very blessed that I have never had a super picky eater. All 3 of my kids never turned down much food. Yea, my youngest, Little Lady (17 months), doesn’t care for raw broccoli, but that’s an intense texture and taste, so we will just try again later.  

I credit most of that to one of our household rules: “You eat what is fixed or you do without… Mom is not a short-order cook!“. Now like I said, my kids haven’t been SUPER picky eaters so this rule worked for us. There have never been any nutritional issues or worries, and I think Rosey Posey (now 11yr) is the only one who was stubborn enough to skip a meal. She only did it once and was happy when dinner time came after refusing lunch. There have been plenty of meals where someone didn’t like the food and was the last one to finish due to the procrastination of eating, but no one has ever really gone hungry.

When doing my meal planning I try to take into consideration the family’s preferences. Bubee (5 years) does not like spicy food. Since I don’t like it and Little Lady doesn’t need it, I really try to stay away from spicy food. Rosey Posey doesn’t like tomato soup, so the only time there is tomato soup is when I’m fixing grilled cheese. That way she still has something to eat.  I also love to get everyone’s feedback on dishes. When I fix something new I like to hear what they think, this way I can plan for next time.

My only boy, Bubee, eats ALL the time. Our family joke is we are not saving for college, we are saving for a food fund for his teen years. He is the youngest in his class (July Birthday) and the tallest. One of our doctors estimates he will be about 6’8″ when he’s full grown, so you can imagine what kind of food it takes to fuel that kind of growth. I keep a large supply of healthy snacks in the house.

About a month ago Bubee started not wanting ANYTHING I fixed for dinner. I was blind-sided! Getting him to eat was a battle every night and there were many times that 30 min after everyone else was done he was still staring at his plateful. He would always finish his dinner… eventually, but I was getting tired of the struggle.

Then one day while meal planning I had an idea: Let him plan the meals, then there was no way he could refuse to eat! Great idea, but I didn’t want pizza every night, so a compromise: If he eats his dinner each night without complaining, then once a week he gets to pick ANY normal meal for dinner (This way he can’t pick Ice Cream Sundaes or something like that). We chose Tuesday nights since that’s what works with our schedule.

I do all my grocery shopping on Mondays. So now, every Monday he ‘places his order’ for Tuesday nights. This keeps him from changing his mind 5 min before dinner and gives me enough time to plan and prepare. I have been so pleasantly surprised! Of course the first week he wanted pizza, so to make it fun we made a Snowman Pizza. After that it has been nice. One week he asked for breakfast for dinner; This means eggs, bacon, biscuits, and gravy. Another week he wanted fish.

It has been so wonderful! And through out the week usually a quick reminder of his Tuesday night privilege and he’s more than happy to finish dinner. Some nights, if he’s not thrilled with dinner, he will talk about his plans for that upcoming Tuesday night; but he always finishes his dinner now with minimal conflict!

It has been so successful that Thursday nights Rosey Posey gets to pick dinner. I like it because that’s two less dinners I have to plan each week. And with Rosey Posey being 11, some weeks she not only plans dinner, but prepares it too. This has been a great tool in teaching her some household management skills.

So now, dinner time has once again become a peaceful family gathering at the dinner table with plenty of joy, peace and love!

Steph Seibert is the WAH, homeschooling, mother of 3. After several years of missing seasonal activities, her family started making seasonal ‘bucket lists’. She posts about these adventures, crafts, DIYs, recipes and more at A Time for Seasons in hopes of helping other families get the most out of each season.



What a great idea, right!?! I’ll keep that in my idea bank for when my little miss is older! Thanks so much for sharing Steph!!

Now she has a $20 Amazon Gift Card to give away to one lucky Truly Lovely reader!! Enter below using the Rafflecopter form. The giveaway will close midnight on Tuesday, January 21st and the winner will be announced the next day! Thanks for entering and good luck!

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Fancy This Fridays #159 and Features

Happy Friday!!! What a week it’s been! We’re hosting a giveaway for TWO bottles of Dreft Baby Laundry Detergent! It closes on Sunday!

We’re also wrapping up our 2013 Twenty Wishes Project this week on Truly Lovely. My wishes wrap up list is available here, Kayli’s is available here and you can share yours here.

We’re also gearing up for our 2014 Twenty Wishes Project! We’d love to invite you to create a list of 20 Wishes for this new year to be completed by December 31, 2014. Any 20 things you really want to do, see, experience, etc. Not things you feel like you should do, but WANT to do! We’ll launch our link up and lists the last week of this month.

We’re also looking for co-hosts for the project to share the linky party on your blogs once a month (the last Wednesday of every month) and giveaway donors for a monthly giveaway for those that link to the party. If you’re interested in any of the above comment below and I’ll send you more information.

Now, onto the features from Fancy This Fridays #158!!!

First up Katie from View From the Fridge has some great ideas for Craft Closet Organization! Love how she stores her fabric!!!

Craft Closet Organization

Next, Marie of The Interior Frugalista shows us how to whip up pretty DIY Winter Burlap Pillow Covers!


And finally, I think these DIY Crowns for Three Kings Night from Helle from A Spoonful of Crafts are so pretty!!!

Three Kings DIY Crowns

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Kayli’s 20 Wishes Wrap-Up

For being the first year of this fun adventure 2013 really wasn’t all that bad. We’re so excited to get things on a much more organized path for 2014 and we’d love for you to join us. More will come on that later. :) In the meantime- here’s my wrap up!

Truly Lovely

Truly Lovely


Here’s how things went!

All progress/updates from the first month are in red, February updates are in purple, and April updates are in blue.
June updates are in green.

October updates are in orange

Final updates are in maroon.

Kayli’s Twenty Wishes by December 2013

1. Grow a garden. (Like really grow one. Keeping the weeds out and tending it to it and all!)

Planted! Hopefully it warms up a little and things don’t get squashed by a late freeze! (:

So I kinda sorta did this one. ha! Some stuff grew! I didn’t really tend to it the way I should have, but that was okay. (:


2. Start playing the guitar.

Funny story… thanks to one of my favorite people on the planet- I actually DID start playing the guitar this year. It’s a mini guitar and I stink. But that’s not what matters! haha

3. Make and send valentines.

My roommate and I made some this weekend! So the sending part is stalling out a little bit. I WILL be sending them- they might be a few days late but they’ll get there! (:

Sent one or two. I’m just excited I actually made them!


4. Buy my first pair of converse.

I didn’t finish this one- but I AM changing it. The fact of the matter is- I just don’t really WANT to spend that much money on shoes I’m not gonna wear very often. What I DO want to spend money on is a new pair of boots that I love! And I’ll be getting on that VERY soon! (:

So in July I bought a new pair of boots! My first pair of square toes. And I adore them. They have cute purple tops with pink stitching and they’re basically adorable. I’ve already walked many a mile and danced many a dance in them. (: Swoon.


5. Make meditation a habit. (Not necessarily the kind of meditation you’re thinking, just learning to be.)

This one is sort of a fail. But I want to work on it for 2014!

I’ve started this one- it’s been sort of difficult because adding a new habit is hard- but I have time to improve.
I have to admit I’m not doing a very good job of this, but I’m trying- a little at a time. (:
Guys, why is this one so hard?! haha I always forget! I’m going to try breaking it down by week, we’ll see if things get any better by next month!

6. Finish an embroidery project. (Like pillowcases, or a dresser scarf or something.)

Technically…. I did finish some stuff. But it wasn’t both pillowcases so I can’t really cross it off. Improvement is what counts, right?

I actually finished my first pillowcase AND I’ve done another little small project- but I won’t cross this off until I finish my other pillowcase (:


7. Learn the alphabet in American Sign Language.

Well this one was accomplished at one point and now forgotten. haha I remember some of them but definitely not all. Something to practice.

I started this one too! I had them all memorized for like a week and now I forget a few, so I still need to rehearse to keep it in my long term memory- but we’re getting there!


8. Reread the entire Harry Potter series.

Epic fail. haha I didn’t even start the Sorcerer’s Stone! BUT I did read like crazy this year. And given that I took an entire course in Modern American Poetry and that had a lot of assigned reading, I don’t feel that terrible about it.

Planning to start The Sorcerer’s Stone soon and work on this once school is out! :)


9. Paint again! (And maybe try something super abstract)

 This one hurts a little. I didn’t do any portraits this year much less anything abstract. I HAVE to do that in 2014. HAVE to.

10. Sleep under the stars.

Fail too. Oh well. haha

Probably not gonna happen since it’s so cold- but no biggie. I’ll come up with a replacement and let you know what I decide on.


11. Read at least one C.S. Lewis book.

That book is in my never-ending stack of books that need to be finished. Ah college, not good for funzie reading at all.

I bought a collection of four C.S. Lewis works that I cannot wait to start!! (:


12. Buy 1 FULL outfit that I really love and maybe wouldn’t buy otherwise.

Guys- I’ve discovered I have style. Ask Kassi- I came home from church one Sunday in a cute outfit and she was as shocked as i had been. haha I even bought mint green cropped pants. And I carry a purse now. What. Yeah. I’ll post pictures at some point. (:


13. Get a professional best friend photo shoot done with Sara.

We got super close to getting this one done before Christmas and ran out of light. It’ll be good to get it done when the flowers are in bloom and everything is pretty anyway.

Getting ready to do this over Thanksgiving Break or around then.


14. Go fishing in the evening off of the dock.

Plans are in the works for this- prime fishing time! (:

No dock- but I did go fishing! Totally counts! (:


15. Do the Color Run!

All signed up and ready to go in January! (:
Went and LOVED it!!! It rained the whole time and it rocked. Seriously, there was color everywhere and music and people were dancing and yelling and it was THE. BEST.

16. Spend an entire day riding horses PURELY for fun- wherever I feel like going.

Been spending a little time with my favorite girl (my sweet horse) lately and hopefully will be able to grab a day to take her out and have a long day of riding. (:

My sister in law and I went out one morning and rode all over the place in July. It was a VERY good day.


My sweet horse. Love her. :) And this view.

17. Throw someone a full on party- birthday or just because.

So I threw a couple of parties this year and it was so fun. We’re in the middle of planning another right now.

(I just changed this one because I like this wish better! You can see what I replaced it with by going to my original list here.)

So I threw a baby shower earlier this month and it was super fun- but I’m going to leave this one up just in case another party opportunity comes my way. I discovered this is something I LOVE to do!

Still leaving this one open because the year isn’t over and more might come my way- but I also did a mini-surprise birthday party for my roommate last week!


18. Go to the Catwalk.

This one isn’t going to happen either. But I DID go to South Padre and see the ocean for the first time. 7 million times cooler anyway. (:


19. Learn to bake homemade bread!

So for Christmas, I made my first batch of dinner rolls without my Granny physically being there…. and I gotta say, they were pretty darn good. Not a loaf of bread- but there was rising involved and I was pretty proud of them.

20. Donate, even if it’s just a little, to a cause that I really believe in. (I’ll be doing lots of research for this one! (; )

I actually donated a little to the Special Olympics of Arizona this year!

Working on this for sure. Just a matter of getting it done. (:


So there it is- my triumphant and motivational list of things done and things postponed. Here’s hoping 2014 is more accomplishment than things left undone. I hope you’ll get in on it with us too!