Kassi’s 20 Wishes Progress – February

If you are unfamiliar with our Twenty Wishes Project here on Truly Lovely we want to invite you to peruse the prior link for the what and the why and then join us by writing up your 20 wishes list and coming back here on Wednesday, February 26th to link it up with us! For those of you already in on the fun, it’s time to share your progress for January and February!! Here’s mine for the first little bit of 2014!
Updates for January and February are written in red.

Kassi’s Twenty Wishes Progress – February 2014

1. Visit Disneyland with my little family.

2. Paint my master bedroom.

3. Plant an upside down Mulberry tree somewhere at my house.

4. Visit Build a Bear and build a bear for Klara. 
In January we made a visit to Build a Bear at the Chandler Mall. We had the best time picking out a little cowgirl bear for my Klara. You can read all about our visit here.

Klara's First Build a Bear

5. Send a handwritten letter, note or card to someone via snail mail once a month.
So far I sent two handwritten birthday cards in January and a handwritten Valentine card in February.

6. Save for and buy myself a tablet of some kind. Maybe an iPad or a Surface. I’ve always wanted one… 😉
I happened to mention to my husband that I wanted to save up for a tablet. I decided I wanted a Surface because they’re more like a little laptop and I thought that would be better for blogging. The morning of Valentine’s Day when I went in to turn on my work computer, I found a brand new Surface and a Valentine note from Nate sitting in my desk chair. Yep, I married a keeper!!! Any Surface users out there? What are your favorite apps, etc?


7. Complete my reading goal of 55 books in 2014.

2014 Reading Challenge

Kassi has
read 11 books toward her goal of 55 books.



8. Host and/or participate in a Google + Hangout with some bloggie friends.

9. Have the carpet in my house professionally cleaned. I know this sounds like an ought to do versus a want, but I ought to clean the carpets myself… I WANT to have someone else do it!! haha

10. Make over my guest bathroom.

11. Take Klara to The Color Run for her “second” time. Technically last year she was just riding in mommy’s tummy. This year I plan to take her in her stroller!
We did our second color run in Tempe, AZ back in January!! It was a blast just like last year and Klara did so well! You can read all about it here.

Klara and Mommy

12. Get a front screen door for my house.

13. Get together monthly with at least one friend. Dinner, shopping trip, lunch, etc.
In January my sister, sisters in law and I went to Tempe for The Color Run, we went out to the mall the night before, had dinner and did some shopping, so I’m counting that. 😉 February we went with the entire family to the steakhouse in town for my sister in law’s birthday. We took Klara with us and she got to have her first apple sauce and ‘meal’ in a restaurant. 😉

14. Visit here in Safford. I’ve wanted to go since they opened, but haven’t ever made it since it’s across town!


15. Figure out a system for organizing and saving the baby clothes and items that Klara has outgrown.

16. Get tickets for and attend the 2014 National Finals Rodeo.

17. Build a container garden of some sort for my backyard.

18. Pay off my credit card. I’m SO close!!! I’m sure I can have it all paid off by the end of this year.

19. Take a photography class or workshop.

20. Throw a surprise party for someone.

So not too bad for the first two months of 2014 right!?! Here’s to more progress in March!!! :) Again, don’t forget to get your list written and come back here on Wednesday (February 26th) to link it up with us!!! Past… There’s a giveaway if you share your 20 wishes list and/or progress so far!!! 😉


  1. You’re making a ton of progress! Awesome!! :)

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      Thanks!! It just worked out really well where I could get a lot done these last two months! Hoping I can keep up the momentum!

  2. Ooooo a surface! You like it? I keep hinting a husband we need one too.

    And that little caboose frozen treats shop is so adorable. Wish we had something unique like that around here

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      I do like it so far! I was so excited to get one! I still need to get the little keyboard thing I just have the tablet right now.
      Isn’t it fun?! I really want to pay a visit there… Just gotta make it over that way!

  3. You are making great progress and looks like you’re having fun doing it!

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      It is a ton of fun to be able to mark those wishes off!!! Looks like you’re working on a bunch of yours too. Here’s to crossing some off this next month! 😉

  4. I got a Surface for Christmas…still need to use it lol!

  5. How did I miss this?! 😉 Thanks for all the inspiration for 20 Wishes! You are making great progress! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      Thanks! It’s been fun to mark a few of my wishes off already!!! Excited to see your progress too!!

  6. YAY for crossing things off and how sweet of “your” Nate to do that! I need a little something like that for blogging as well! I’ll have to look into a Surface because I’ve never even heard of it lol! I’m so behind on the times :)

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      I’ll be honest… You know where I saw a Surface the first time? On an episode of NCIS Los Angeles… haha! Thought it was so cool then. 😉

  7. A surface :) I was hinting at my hubby too that I want one. I have been looking at them since they first came out. Now hubby has just come on board. He realises how great they can be. I love my laptop but having it into a tablet would be great too.

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      Oh it’s SO convenient! SO much smaller and easier to lug around! I love mine!!!

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