Rustic Valentine’s Day and Spring Interchangeable Wreath

Friends!!!! I’m still here, I know it’s been a LONG time, but sometimes, life just happens and the blogging doesn’t. But I am BACK today with a craft for you!

We have moved again, long story, ask me about it sometime, but long story short, we’re in a new place for awhile and our pretty red front door needed a wreath! Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner that’s what I went with…

ValentinesDayWreath (6)

Materials needed:
Wreath form
Burlap ribbon
Pink Handkercheif
Glue Gun
Not pictured: Twine, scrapbook paper, alphabet stickers, glue dots

ValentinesDayWreath (1)

Step 1: Wrap your wreath form in burlap ribbon. I wrapped mine twice because you could see the form through the ribbon with just one layer. I also glued each end on to make sure the burlap stayed put with hot glue.

ValentinesDayWreath (2)

Step 2: Create your wreath hanger with the pink handkerchief. I just cut a strip from the square and glued it to the wreath form, then tied a bow at the end so it would hang from my wreath hanger correctly. Then I reinforced the glue with tacks to make sure it held.

ValentinesDayWreath (3)

Step 3: Embellish your wreath with flowers. Again, YAY for hot glue! I just glued each of my flowers to the wreath form.

ValentinesDayWreath (4)

Step 4: This was where I had planned to be finished initially, but decided the wreath needed a little something more to make it more holiday centric and just finished. 😉 So I cut some little pendants out of pink scrapbook paper with my Silhouette, tagged them with some black alphabet stickers and made a little LOVE banner! I strung it across the wreath with pink twine (glued the pendants on with glue dots) and gold tacks.

ValentinesDayWreath (5)

Step 5: Since I’m all about multi-purpose these days, especially after moving twice in three months… Less is more! I made a SPRING banner using blue scrapbook paper and different pendants that I can change out on the wreath after Valentine’s Day!

ValentinesDayWreath (8)

So tell me? What have you been up to these last few months?? Comment below with the link to one of your favorite posts as of late… I can’t wait to catch up with everyone!!!

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My Valentines Day

I know Valentine’s Day is past…
But we’ve already discussed the reason for my absence…
And I am much better now!! :)
So here’s my official Valentine’s Day post that I had planned on posting the day of… Only TWO days late now… 😉
Since Valentine’s Day was on a Monday this year, me and the hubs-to-be celebrated throughout the weekend instead!
We started the weekend by watching Secretariat… ABSOLUTE BEST MOVIE I have seen in a very LONG time… If not EVER! It was fabulous! Highly recommend it. You know it’s a GREAT movie when everyone knows he’s going to win the Triple Crown, but you’re still on the edge of your seat! Watch it. Please. :)
Saturday during the day, Mr. Chancey (our little nephew) came over for a visit. We entertained him all afternoon, riding horses! Or he entertained us… However you wanna look at it. :) He’s quite the character.

Saturday night, Mr. M took me out to dinner!

We had steaks (SUPER delicious steaks) at The Copper Steer!
There was even a fun guy playing the guitar and singing throughout the restaurant! He was really good! We were quite impressed!
During the day Sunday we spent a nice time in the kitchen together!
Mr. M tried out his new deli meat slicer to slice up some delicious deer jerky!
While he was at that, I whipped up some Valentine cupcakes.
Just for fun. Just for us. Because I wanted to.
Now really… Can you beat Strawberry Cupcakes and Cream Cheese Icing with a Strawberry heart shaped marshmallow on top?!?
Mr. M was a fan. So was Papa M (Mr. M’s dad). :)

Sunday night was when we were both hit by the lovely stomach bug…
Which ended our fun Valentine weekend. :(
But we still got to spend all day Valentine’s Day together, even though it was a Monday! Gotta find the bright side somewhere…

So HAPPY BELATED VALENTINE’S DAY again dear friends!
Hope you’re Valentine’s Day was filled with love and laughter!!
And definitely NO stomach flu!!!
P.S. Like a fool I forgot to mention my lovely Valentine from a Bloggie Buddy of ours, Miss Nichelle of Vintage Wanna Bee! I got a fun Disney Princess Valentine in the mail with a coupon to her Etsy shop…
Can’t wait to purchase something fun!!! Thanks Nichelle!!
You can check her out here…