Blog Angel Reveal!!

Hi there lovelies!!! 

So… remember this post in the middle of June? Where I talked about being a blog angel for someone and having one in return? (Update: Just found out our angel was Linda of Two Succulent Sisters! Thanks doll!!!)
At the time I was having trouble thinking of things to do without giving it away (i.e. my partner finding out I was their angel…). Well, since then I threw all caution to the wind and just went for it!!!

Allow me to introduce you to my recipient.

Tico and Tina!!! 

 They are the funnest couple! Together they make up Tico and Tina,  and they’re working on their Blank Canvas Tour. Click each of the links to read more. You’ll want to, I promise!!!

So… Ways that I helped them… Like I said in my last post, Tico and Tina were a hard site to help at first.
They really have their stuff together! So… to start with I went through and followed/liked all of their social media blogs, etc. And there is a lot! These guys are EVERYWHERE! Then, I sent an email to the friends that commented on the midway post and asked that they all follow them.  Turns out a lot of them already did, because well, these guys are awesome. 😉

Then… I joined in their IRLO (In Real Live/Online) Mashup Race. Go TEAM COFFEE!!! Whoot! You’ll see some more stuff about that later. Our team was late to the game, but we’re going at it full force now!

 Then… I volunteered to help out with their Blank Canvas Tour! You are now talking to the HEAD OF HR!!!
Speaking of which, if you have already committed to be a street team member would you mind shooting me an email of your blog, your location and what not? 😉 Thanks! OR if you’d like to join the street team, check out this link!

And just for good measure I joined with Mrs. White to create a new blog award for those blogs spreading inspiration around blog land… Guess who was one of our awardees…? 😉 Yep, Tico & Tina!

I really hope I have been a good blog angel for you guys, Tico and Tina!! It’s been a real pleasure trying to help spread your ideas and purpose!  I look forward to continuing as a team member and bloggie friend! :) SO lucky to have been assigned to be your blog angel!

Borrowing an idea from Miss Lena of Mom2MemphisandRuby, I’d like to wrap up my month as your blog angel with a FREE XL ad space for July! 😉 I’ll shoot you an email asap!

Oh, and tell me… Did you know it was me? 😉

Have a lovely rest of your week dolls!!!


  1. I’ve seen several of these blog angel posts and they all seem so sweet! I may have to get in on the next time!

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      It’s been really fun! The sign up for August starts on July 15th! You should join! :)

  2. I’m actually really glad you introduced me because they’re awesome and they even considered doing some web design for me! You guys rock at being angels :)

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      I saw that on twitter! :) So glad to have introduced you! They’re so fun! :)

  3. WOW, thanks Kassi!!! I honestly didn’t have any idea – good job, LOL! I do feel bad, though, because I hope you didn’t feel obligated to do so much work with the tour… in any case, I’m really glad to have gotten connected =) I can’t believe all the great stuff you did, you’re too sweet!!!

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      Don’t feel bad! I wouldn’t have come across your site and what not had I not been assigned to you! Well, that’s probably not true, I would have found you anyway! haha! :) SO excited to be included! I look forward to working with you guys more!

  4. I’m thinkin it sounds like you have been an amazing blog angel!! !

  5. I’m SO HAPPY you “privately, secretly, shhhhh” contacted me to help you out too! I LOVE their blog and have had so much fun reading their posts and sifting thru old stuff! AND…I’ve been looking into the Blank Canvas tour too! Ya know, when I have a second to do anything! HA!! Oh man….my second is over!!

  6. Allison L says:

    Question: is the Tico and Tina link working for you? I can’t get on their website I haven’t been able to get on since yesterday! Not sure what is going on. But I have tried from 2 of our computers so I don’t think it is just me. Just wanted to know if you had similar issues.. maybe the webpage is under construction?

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      You know, I have been getting an error too… What error do you get?

  7. friendly scoff* and you said you thought -I’d- been a good blog angel. HA!
    you did exceedingly well! Thanks again for lettin me be apart of it! <3

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      In all honesty, these guys really led themselves to being helped after I discovered their projects! haha! :) You were a fabulous angel!

  8. Don’t you LOVE them??? I SO do! OH and I am TOTALLY stealing the idea to provide ad space for my blog angel too!! Yaya!!! WONDERFUL IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

      I do love them! They’re so fun! :) Do it!!! I snagged it from someone else too! haha! :)


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